15 Simple Ways To Be Stylish When You Are Super Lazy!

By- Shreya Sharma

We all want to be the most stylish person, at least in our group. But mostly, we either do not have time to dress up like a prom queen every day or we do not have money to buy new clothes for every day. And then we are lazy enough to opt for those hard to carry clothes. We all have certain clothes that are so comfortable that we do not wish to ditch them especially when we have to go out daily. There are ways you can look less lazy and more stylish. Here are 15 simple ways to be stylish when you are super lazy.

  1. A go to dress

When you want to look fancy, you can go for a dress that is comfy but also chic. You can go for a shift dress or a classic LBD. They are always in trend and you can dress them up anyway.


  1. Do not buy ‘in trend’ stuff

This means the stuff that you know will not be in trend forever. Do not spend your money and time in buying the clothes that will be of no use in next season.

  1. Go for basic trends

Stick to basic clothes that you know you can wear for the next few years without them being out of style. Buy some plain t-shirts or sweaters to look casual and cute.

  1. A good pair of jeans

Avoiding a good pair of jeans is a mistake we all do. We know our cheap jeans will not last long and we will be spending a lot more lately because of that cheap pair of jeans. Jeans will never go out of fashion, they are comfortable and simple. It is better to spend your money buying a good pair of jeans.


  1. Buy clothes when it is not season

If you are too lazy or do not have enough money to buy ‘in trend clothes’ because they are way too expensive now. Buy them at the end of the season, they will be cheaper then.

  1. Wear accessories

Add some accessories to your outfit and you are ready to look stylish.

  1. Cute hairstyles

Opting for a cute hairstyle will distract people from your lazy and not-so-trendy outfit. You can learn various hairstyles online.


  1. One color clothes

Wear the color that looks good on you as much as you can. Wearing one color scheme can make you look chic and stylish.

  1. Borrow clothes

Having a BFF is best and having a trendy BFF is the blessing at times. You can borrow clothes from her closet and look trendy without actually having to buy them.

  1. Bold lipsticks

Lipstick can never make you look bad and it is never out of trend. Add lipstick to your outfit.


  1. Buy one trendy outfit or accessory

If you find a good trendy cloth, you can buy it. Club something that is ‘in’ with your pair of jeans and you will look super trendy. You can even add some crazy patches to your plain t-shirt to turn it trendy.

  1. Invest in a good bag

Your old bag can make your good outfit look bad. Invest in a stylish bag that will complete your outfit. Your bag makes a difference.

  1. A nice pair of shoes

Your shoes can pull your look together. Buy a nice pair of shoes that you can wear with almost any outfit. This way you will not be spending time deciding which pair of shoes to wear.


  1. Wear things you like

If you hate red lipstick, don’t wear it. If you hate black dresses, don’t wear them. It’s simple! No matter how trendy your outfit might be, you won’t feel trendy if you aren’t comfortable. Lazy girls need to be comfy all the time, and if being trendy means being uncomfortable, you should reconsider your options.

  1. Wear heels

Wear heels to look trendy and stylish. The click of your heels will make you look more powerful.


Source –  Tumblr

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