16 Things That We All Love To Do Secretly!

Who doesn’t have that long list of secret wishes? Every single person on this planet, be it Mr. Obama to any Tom, Dick, or Harry have their best kept secret desires. For example, does anyone of you remember, the character of Hugh Grant from the movie “Love Actually”? After delivering a winning speech, he dances across his 10 Downing Street home and feels embarrassed when caught in that action by a maid. It doesn’t matter how much you get paid, or how famous you are – your list of secret desires would always haunt you.

Do you see a part of you in this checklist?

  1. Just thinking someone is revolving around you with a video camera and you are acting with proper dialogue and impressive dance moves.


  1. Walking all around the personal zone all naked. Some people actually feel more creative while naked.
  1. Sometimes you feel you are the director and actor as well. You think yourself in absurd scenarios and act out the rest.


  1. While in kitchen, you actually think that this is your cookery show and you are the host and keep on narrating the nitty gritty details. Do you even say – I will be right back after a short commercial break and then go to pee?


  1. Having innate and detailed conversation with the pets or any inanimate object like a teddy bear. You can even hear them responding only to you.
  1. The person you hate the most arrives in front of you and you blurt out the already prepared script and feel like a winner.


  1. Stalking the secret crush of childhood or an ex on social networking sites must be your favorite escapade.
  1. Saying the whole world that you are on strict diet and then secretly finishing family size junk packets in one sitting.


  1. Nose digging is the dirtiest job ever that is actually enjoyed secretly in bathroom or in your balcony when you think the whole world is sleeping.
  1. Whoever keeps their phone unlocked in front of you especially your significant other, you have an urge deep down from every cells of yours to read his message, facebook, and whatsapp inbox.


  1. Memorizing some party numbers at least 10 days ago so that you can recite that out on that special day.
  1. Desperately wanting to go home and enjoy the self-time when nobody else is in.


  1. Wearing the same underwear for three days at a go.
  1. Discarding other’s plan for a night out and partying hard on a week off saying “I have lots of work” but all you have is only a bed calling you to sleep and dream or actually daydream.


  1. Daydreaming about film-stars as if he/she is your beau and posing accurately to make out with him/her.
  1. Finally, you would never ever admit to any of these discussed points all though all of you have more than 5 things matching with this list.


Well, keep enjoying your secret trips because we all keep on acting a lot in our real lives. The time that we spend with the inner self allows us to do many weird things which gives us a sigh of relief. Because we and our self is the only one in front of whom, we can just be at ease and behave in the cutest and in the real way.

Skadoosh guys!

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