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10 Signs You And Your Best Friend Are Dating And You Don’t Even Know!

By- Shreya Sharma

People have asked you if you both are dating, and initially, you found that funny but now it irritates you. You always wonder as to why your family and friends think of you two as a couple? If the thought of dating your best friend makes you feel gross, then you will sure not entertain these romantic thoughts. Dating your best friend can have some drastic consequences but it can also have some super sexy benefits. Here are 10 signs you and your best friend are dating and you do not even know.

  1. You are already labeled by friends

Sometimes our friends understand a thing about our life before we do. If your friends invite you to a party, they expect the other one will show up as well. Or you find reasons to explain why you are not a couple. If your friends have started pairing you up, then you should reconsider your friends.


  1. You understand one another without the need of words

You and your best friend are so much in tune that you can understand one another through body language only. Your BFF knows when you feel annoyed with your body language and can easily comfort you. You know each other very well that you can communicate without words.

  1. They are your plus 1

No matter whatever is the occasion, your plus one has already been determined and he is sure to accompany you everywhere. You do not have to worry about arranging a date because you have a best friend to accompany you.

  1. You become jealous

If your BFF makes new friends or plans that do not involve you, you become a super jealous person. You have to decipher the reason before you act crazy.


  1. Best friends cum lovers

Your romantic partner should also be your best friend. If you already have a BFF, and you’re totally attracted to them, what’s stopping you from pursuing what could be a magical relationship?

  1. You share EVERYTHING

Does he tell you about the issues he has with his mother, or how he played the new game, or how his hair is falling? Or do you tell him about the friend or coworkers drama or how your period cramps are killing you? You know they will not share your secret with anyone and this comfortable oversharing is a definite sign.

  1. Your fights feel like a breakup

Your fights feel more like a breakup than your friendship turning a romantic side. We all have intense fights with friends but if this fight makes you cry and results in getting you back together, then you are closer to being a couple.


  1. Plans are assumed

You do not have to make other weekend plans because you know you guys will be spending it together.

  1. You find a new label for your relationship

You know friends, best friends, BFF are not enough to describe how extraordinary your friendship is. You always talk about your friendship. You have moved beyond friendship. You have become something else for each other. You call each other with those cute nicknames.

  1. You talk all day long

Your day starts with good morning texts, and then you text throughout the day talking about everything how you accidentally bumped into someone, and then you have a night call to make and your day ends with a good night text. You have to understand that this is way more than just close friends.

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Source – Tumblr

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