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If He Does These 12 Things, It’s Better You Leave Him For Good!

By- Shreya Sharma

Your relationship might start with passion and intensity, but after a while when things go normal and calm, that is when you realize that nothing is fine. The constant let-downs make you realize that nothing that things are just not right. Here are 12 things if he does, it is better to leave him then for good.

  1. He says he will call or text but does not

If it is just a few months that you are in a relationship, and your man hurts you with false promises like this. Then he is not into you and you should not waste your time with him. If he gets busy, he can at least drop a text to you.


  1. He gets weird about taking you out on date

Nowadays, people prefer to split the bills half. If he gets weird and resentful about the bills even in the first few months of the relationship, then he is not into you and over the idea of making you feel special.

  1. Sex is awful

If the sex is super awkward then probably it might not get better. If you were virgins and had no experience then the case is different. Communicate about what you want in bed else it will not get any better and your relationship will not work better.

  1. He pressurize you for sex

If your guy forces you to do things that you are not comfortable doing in bed, then it is better to run away from him. Sexual compatibility is important in any relationship.

  1. He hates your friends

If your boyfriend hates your girl gang even in the first month of your relationship, then probably he is judging them too soon. If he has just met them once or twice and has developed the hatred for them, then it is probably because he does not like that they take up your time which is unhealthy.

  1. He is never ready for the things you suggest

He simply turns down every idea you suggest. He makes you feel bad for suggesting it. If all he wants is that you should follow what he wants to do then it is better you call things off.

  1. He is jealous

If your boyfriend asks you to call off your friendship with your male friends without even trying to know them, then he is not a keeper. Do not cut friends for relationship else you will end up with the feeling of resentment.


  1. He responds to your silently

If he does not respond to what you are saying then it is probably because he is not listening to what you are saying. It makes you feel bad about initiating to communicate and you might end up feeling that your words are not important.

  1. You have nothing to do

If it is just the first month and you both do not know what to do other than sitting at home and watching TV, just think about how your life would be with him, yes right, boring. A new relationship is the time to explore new things and do fun things together.

  1. He does not let you talk

He does not let you talk and talks over whenever you talk. It is an indirect way to tell that his words are more important than yours. He might not listen to the things you are saying.


  1. He compares you with his ex

We all carry the baggage of past relationship in our new relationship, but if you hear him talking about his ex all time, then it is a sign that he is not over his ex and you should not be punished for that.

  1. His actions gross you out but you do not talk about it

The first few months of a relationship are considered as the honeymoon phase. If you are grossed out by his small antics, then probably he is not the one for you.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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