There Are 17 Types Of Single Girls, Which One Are You?

By- Shreya Sharma

Your relationship status depends on you and how you take things. Your approach towards things and life matters a lot when you are looking for love. There are single girls, who are just too desperate to find a guy and then there are girls who are so happy being single that they do not want to give up on their freedom and singlehood for the sake of a boyfriend. And no, there are not just these two varieties of single girls, there are lots more. Here are 17 types of single girls, which one is you?

  1. The “Mai apni favorite hoon” kind

You are so in love with yourself to love any man. You are busy looking out for yourself rather than looking for a guy.


  1. The “Player” kind

You are one big player. You have so much of love to give that you cannot handle it with just one.

  1. The “Bad taste” kind

You only land up with the ones who are either married or want to hook up and your friends are confused as to how you find such losers.

  1. The “Chasing the same guy for years” kind

You know the painful truth that he is not into you, but you are still chasing him for years.


  1. The “In-hidden relationship” kind

You meet each other, share everything and do not even think about hooking up with anyone else, but you do not accept him as your boyfriend.

  1. The “Shady stuff” kind

You are always doing some shady things like constantly texting some unknown number on your phone.

  1. The “Forever alone” kind

You constantly make the joke about how you will die alone.


  1. The “Dance on the table” kind

You will prefer to get high and dance on the table rather than snuggling with a guy.

  1. The “Recent breakup” kind

You recently had the breakup, you are single again and you are almost ready to mingle again.

  1. The “Cry about being single” kind

You get drunk and then you cry for at least half an hour in the bathroom and your friends will be there to wipe your tears.


  1. The “Bitching about ex” kind

You are freshly out of the breakup and you cannot stop yourself from bitching or bragging about him. You are just not over him yet.

  1. The “It’s-been-long-that-we-broke-up-but-I-will-bitch-about-him” kind

Your friends are tired of listening to the same complaints about your ex.

  1. The “Picky” kind

You have your standards high. You will wait for the right one who fills in the standards set by you.


  1. The “Serial dater” kind

You are recently out of a relationship but are already on your way to a new relationship.

  1. The “Boys are fun” kind

For you, boys are just a game. You make guys fall in love with you, and the moment they are head over Nike in love with you, you are over it and move on to the next.

  1. The “No game” kind

Your flirting consists of jokes and you overshare the unnecessary information about your life.

  1. The “ I Friend-zone You” kind

You are the one who friends zone the guy who shows some sort of interest in you.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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