15 Confessions Of A 20-Something Girl Who’s Never Been Kissed Before!

By- Shreya Sharma

Have you ever kissed someone? If no, then it is nothing to create a big fuss about. Do not jump into it, but wait for your perfect moment. You might think that your friends are getting it done, they all have kissed someone and they have experience of it and here you are, in your twenties and have no experience at all. Your lips have not touched another pair of lips, no smooch, no pecks, nothing. But you are not alone in this situation; there are many out there who can feel you. Here are 15 confessions of a 20 something girl who’s never been kissed before.

  1. “Is there something wrong with me?”

You might feel odd that you have not experienced it yet, and all your friends have become a pro in it. This might make you feel that something is wrong with you. You may feel that you are not a desirable or awkward person. You might be in a self-doubt stage.


  1. “I fear the sloppy first kiss”

You have heard all the stories of how awkward the first kiss is because neither of the people involved really knows how to kiss. It is like pressing lips against each other and moving them around without any clue. But at this age, you are more concerned that you will be sharing your first kiss with someone who is experienced, and it will be just you who will be sloppy kissing. May be it will be naturally working or it will be too slobby or it will just not work.

  1. “The thought of alien tongue in my mouth is scary”

It is so ew to think of someone else’s tongue to be wriggling inside my mouth. It is unhygienic and it is like an invasion of my property. It is a bit nasty and makes me cringe.

  1. “I worry that my partner would be turned off”

The guy I will kiss now will be so experienced and here I am who has no clue about it. I am sure he will be turned off the moment we kiss or may be even before when he gets to know that I have not done it ever.


  1. “I sometimes look at men’s lips and wonder how would it feel to kiss them”

This is odd and weird but sure, this is what every girl has thought of. If we are attracted towards a man or find their lips enticing, we all have those thoughts. Since you have not done it ever; you might be more excited with the idea as to how it will feel to kiss them.

  1. “I cannot get immersed into a kiss on screen”

You might watch the kiss on TV show or movie again because it is hot, but you feel bad as you have no clue as to how it feels to get your lips pressed and pushed against someone else’s. You cannot empathize because you have no personal experience.

  1. “Should I tell the person”

There comes a thought when you are into a guy, that should I tell him that I have never kissed anyone? Will it make him uncomfortable that he is going to take away my lip virginity? Will this make him feel weird? Will this put more pressure on him?


  1. “Should I just get over with it?”

You may think that should I wait for the right guy, my one and only? Should I get over with it? Should I just go and kiss the guy I am attracted to? You then subdue into unrealistic expectations and hope that your first kiss will be a memorable one.

  1. “I get annoyed when accused of having high standards”

If there is any possibility, I am just a bit picky. But this does not mean I have high standards or why should I even lower down my standards? I just need someone, I am comfortable with and whom I like enough that it just simply clicks and happen.

  1. “I am not desperate”

Sometimes you may wonder that I should just kiss anybody to get it over with, but then I feel I am not desperate enough, it is not my priority. It is sometimes on my mind but not always.


  1. “I have been asked if I am a lesbian”

How does it matter? If I have never kissed a man, does not mean I wish to kiss a woman. I have not kissed anyone because I am not desperate enough to jump at any man and get it done.

  1. “I do not want to meet so-and-so”

Your friends might be pushing you or settling you up with someone. This is a matter of pride for you that you have never done it, though you will be open to these options in future, but right now this is not your priority. Right!!

  1. “I am curious of the reality of kissing”

Will there be bad breath while kissing? Morning breath? I am curious about this because kisses are meant to be highly romantic and beautiful.


  1. “Will this turn on a man?”

For there are creepy men who prefer the woman to be innocent and clueless, and this majorly turns them on. And of course you will not want those creepy men in your life, or your first kiss to be wasted on that creepy pervert.

  1. It is nothing to be ashamed of

It is impressive that I resist these long years without a kiss. I really don’t think it’s anything to be ashamed about. I certainly don’t hide it from people if the topic comes up, and I know that, although it seems rare, it might not actually be as rare.    


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