16 Reasons Your Friend Thinks You Aren’t Same Anymore Now You Are In Relationship!

By- Shreya Sharma

When you are in a relationship, it is hard to maintain your friendship circle unless you put in the best of your efforts. You have the urge to spend the most of your time with your man which makes it hard to manage your time in a way that you friendship stays intact. If you find it hard to stay an integral and fun part of your friend’s group, then here are 16 reasons your friend thinks you are not same anymore now you are in the relationship.

  1. Less of girl’s night out

Now, you do not have enough free time to spend with your BFF. And she can take it personally.


  1. No more a wing woman

You are no more a wing woman because your friends think that you have forgotten what it is to be single.

  1. The changed definition of ‘we’

Earlier it used to mean you and your BFF and now it means you and your boyfriend. This can hurt your BFF’s feelings.

  1. No sleepovers

You have less sleepover with your girls and more with your man.


  1. No nightclub outings

You are eager to get home to your boyfriend rather than staying with your friends all night at the club.

  1. She is not more your first person

You used to first tell her about every single thing in your life, but now it is your boyfriend who gets to know about everything.

  1. No Display picture with her

Earlier you used to have shared profile pictures with her and now this space has been given to your new love.


  1. No more friendship bands

The friendship bracelet or band you both used to wear have now been replaced by the ring your boyfriend gifted you.

  1. She is no more your partner in crime

Earlier you used to save her from all awkward situations but now you have to divide your time.

  1. You do not share sexy details

Earlier you used to share the details of your sexy times, but now since you have found your true love, you feel awkward talking about your sex life because it feels more meaningful to you. But your friend might consider that you are shutting her down.


  1. You do not make fun of your man with her

When you started dating, you both used to make fun of him all the time, but now since this is something real and special, you do not want him to be the reason of her jokes.

  1. You have turned into what you both used to hate

You have turned into the kind of couple that you and your BFF used to bitch about. You have started posting your kissing selfies on FB.

  1. No more of getting ready together

Earlier it used to be fun to get ready together before going to the club. But now you do not have to impress anyone, so getting ready together is no more fun.


  1. No more talking about dream wedding

You used to plan your weddings together, but now it feels odd because you are closer to reality than her.

  1. No more single parties

Earlier you used to welcome New Year together, but now you have your man to kiss as the clock strikes 12 and your friend is left alone.

  1. You are no more one another’s plus one

She used to be your plus one for every party, but now your boyfriend has replaced her.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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