9 Things You Can Do After A Fight To Make Peace With Him!

By- Shreya Sharma

We fight with our man for many reasons; sometimes the reasons are super silly while other times it can be some real big issue. Sometimes it just starts with a small issue and then it grows and we blame each other and bring the past into the picture. And we keep on arguing over that until and unless one of us puts their ego aside and initiate to mend things. Here are the things you can do after a fight to make peace with him.

  1. Assess yourself

Ask yourself questions like “Do you really want this?” “What do you want from this relationship?” “Are you happy with whatever you share?” This will help you know if your relationship is worth your efforts or not. Think about “Am I at fault?” and discuss with your closed ones to move forward.


  1. Look the reason for argument

When you fight, you do not only fight for the reason you have in hand but for the underneath reason you could not bring up. Identify the root reason to calm yourself and your partner down.

  1. Communicate the reason in one sentence

Tell your partner straight the reason for you being so clingy like “I do not like you talking to other girls”. This way you both will be able to understand the actual reason and you both will be able to understand one another’s feelings.

  1. Be responsible

Try to own up your mistake in the argument instead of covering it up or hiding it or blaming it on the other person. This way you can solve the issue.


  1. Be humble

If you apologize for something you did, it will make the other person apologize as well. Do not apologize to stop the argument but be humble and apologize genuinely.

  1. Do not force your partner to learn his mistakes

You can only control yourself or your learning process. You cannot force them to learn the issues until he is not willing to. You cannot make the other person see things from your point of you. Every argument provides you some information, grab them and learn from it.

  1. Appreciate your partner

Appreciate your partner because the sooner you go for light hearted moments, the better it is for your relationship. You genuine positive actions will help you replenish your relationship.


  1. Set boundaries

If your argument was way too nasty, set boundaries and terms for your relationship like not calling names or not digging up the past or any such thing.

  1. Start over again

Go on a makeup date. Instead of telling him “I do not want to fight”, tell him “I love you and want to be with you”. Give each other enough time and space to reconcile.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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