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10 Lessons You Learn When Your ‘The ONE’ Become Just Another Ex!

By- Shreya Sharma

You were in a blissful relationship thinking that he is the one with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. And then one fine day your only one vanishes away and turns into your ex. Your world comes crashing down your feet and you have no clue how you will deal with this. When you are young, you are idealistic and a dreamer, but as you grow old, you become realistic and understand the reality and learn lessons. Here are 10 lessons you learn when your ‘the one’ become just another ex.

  1. The way you view world changes

Your perspective change and you somehow feel freedom and excitement. You step into an unknown world which is beautiful, exciting and terrifying. You feel proud that now you do not have to be with someone who is not interested in you.


  1. It is a new beginning

The person you thought to be your ‘happily ever after’, left you in mid-way and this definitely does not mean that you should close yourself to the new beginnings because this way you will never find happiness. Give yourself and love another chance. You are brave to find love and happiness again.

  1. Life does not stop for anyone

It is sad that the relationship that meant so much to you come to an end, but life does not stop for anyone and it goes on. You might ask why this happened to you, but there is no answer to it. Life and time do not stop, you will have to find a way to deal with it.

  1. You will never forget the one you lost

It is okay to hold on to the memories associated with him because you cannot erase them. But do not let these memories overpower you. They should motivate you to seek happiness and love again.


  1. No more of wearing rose colored glasses

When you are in love, you wear rose colored glasses and see your entire life with this person. But once you are away from him, you realize that there is no guarantee of life and there is no promise that lasts forever. You realize the promise of forever is not important. It is important to work on your relationship and take things seriously.

  1. Lovers too can become strangers

Now since your lover has turned into a stranger, your cycle has been completed. He is no more significant in your life. There will be times you will remember him and cherish the memories you have. But you will realize that you no longer want him to cuddle up and cry.

  1. The ‘what if’ game is pointless

Your mind will start to play ‘what if’ games and it will torture you. However, slowly you will learn that being in hypothetical situations will do no good to you if you want to move on. You will learn to move on.


  1. Moving on is not impossible

It might seem hard to let go and move on, but it is not impossible. With time you will get over him and move on. You will realize that it is not that difficult to get over your ex. It may be hard because you thought of him as your soulmate, but you will do it.

  1. It is ok to miss him

There will be days when you will miss him or you will have him on your mind constantly. But as the time passes by, he will be off your mind. You will learn from your mistakes and become a better person.

  1. You will be happy for your ex

We all need a fresh start, so does your ex. They may deserve to hurt too, in your book, but it doesn’t mean you have to carry around your anger, frustration, and pain, and wish them bad luck. That’s just petty. Rise above it and remember the happy memories you share with this person. Wish them well and be happy if they find happiness again. You deserve to not hold onto anger and resentment; you deserve to be happy.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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