15 Foolproof Ways To Start The Conversation And Break Silence!

By- Shreya Sharma

The art of conversation is something that you can execute with anyone, anytime and anywhere. To start a conversation, you need a conversation starter to break the silence. You have to be confident about yourself and feel good about your life so that you can easily start a good conversation and make it interesting. Starting a conversation is not that tough but sometimes, we are too scared to get it started. Here are 15 foolproof ways to start the conversation and break silence.

1. You look cute! I could not hold myself to come over and say hi.


2. Praise something in their hand by saying “that is one cool stuff, where did you get that?”

3. The drink you are having looks amazing, what is that?

4. This place has the best coffee. Isn’t it?


5. The weather outside is so gorgeous. We are lucky to have it.

6. You have a really cool style. I admire it!

7. What is the most beautiful place you have ever travelled to? I need a vacation actually!


8. When in the club, ask “what is the name of the song playing?”

9. Wow! This place is so crowded tonight.

10. So, where do you work?


11. When on street, do you own a dog? I love dogs.

12. Do you come here often?

13. What are your plans for these holidays?


14. Where are you from?

15. What do you enjoy the most in a party?


These are a few conversation starters that can get you the long way and can help you to keep the conversation going.

Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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