15 Things that make short tempered people go crazy

There is nothing called permanent in today’s fast moving life. Everyone wants everything instantly. Food, events, job, education, and love – everything is required just at this moment. The beauty of waiting has left our lives and we have adapted ourselves beautifully with it. Advancement has brought us really wonderful things as there is no pains left in our lives. But with this instant happiness another demon has entered our lives called “short-temper”. The number of short tempered people are rising day by day because we are just not easy with pains and wait.

See the list below to understand the set of things that makes short-tempered people go crazy like wild animals.

  1. Smallest things makes you mad. For example, the buzzing morning alarm pisses you off. You know you can snooze it but you feel like smashing the alarm clock or your phone.


  1. Delay in keeping words also makes these people shout like crazy. If your mom is late in bringing the evening tea, you shout on her.


  1. If someone has proved you wrong makes you so low that for some time you go to depression. Facts and figures take a back seat for you, just the fact that you have a big ego makes you lose temper and go crazy on the person who has dared to wrong you.


  1. Any sort of argument where people are diverting from your set of beliefs or not agreeing with you makes you crazy and mad as hell.


  1. While in conversation, you think that only you have the right to use slangs, but you just cannot tolerate someone throwing bad words/slangs/swear words on you.


  1. You just hate traffic and people honking on road. You feel like getting out of the car and thrashing each and every people.


  1. Whenever your boss say that he needs a set of work done to be done within an hour, very easily he falls in your hate and hit list. Instead of understanding the depth of the situation, you brood over the matter of work.


  1. Talkative people around you makes you mad the most. Those people who loves to talk their heart out at length makes you so uneasy. May be you feel like chopping their tongue.


  1. Crowd is another thing which makes you burst out in anger. You know that you cannot escape it and still you keep on passing strange looks to everyone around you.


  1. Slow internet stops your world. Whenever you are in need to google certain stuff and the network is just not co-operating, you feel like going inside this virtual world of internet and correcting stuffs – which basically is unrealistic.


  1. Those screaming kids of your locality who throng at the nearby park to have fun is like the worst thing you can face in life.


  1. Any sort of interference from anyone – be it a friend, relative, or a stranger makes you angry and crazy.


  1. Everyone doesn’t have knowledge about your favorite topics or subjects. And this ignorance makes you feel like “oh God! Why have you placed me among studs”.


  1. People who are trying to unlock your phone in your absence, or trying to peek your messages from corner of their eyes makes you feel like punching them hard in their private parts.


  1. Last but not the least, all these mentioned 14 points is making your nose red, eye-brows frowned, and you are just about to slam your laptop.


Please do not do so, instead take a deep breath and feel the beauty of life everywhere, in everything, and within every being.

Skadoosh guys!

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