10 Stupid Ideas You Have About LOVE (It Stops You From Finding LOVE)!

By- Shreya Sharma

There are so many myths about everything; about dating, sex, marriage, arguments and love and every other thing that exists. As they say ‘Sau muh, sau baat’, so sticking to this, every person has their own ideology and own sayings. You just have to filter the right one for you because myths do more harm than good. Here are 10 stupid ideas you have about LOVE which actually stops you from finding love.

  1. Love is the solution to all your problems

You are the only person who can fix your problems. It will help you overcome some challenges and you will have someone by your side, but it will not solve your problems.


  1. True love happens once

It is up to you to love and trust again or not. But you can love deeply more than once.

  1. When you love someone, you stay with them

No, there is no such rule. If you partner ill-treats you, abuses you physically or mentally, you need not stay with him even if you love them enough.

  1. You will be finally happy when you will meet the one

Your happiness is in your own hands. No one can make you happy or sad unless you allow them to.


  1. Your life will be perfect with right partner

Ups and downs are a part of life. A relationship requires efforts and you need to learn how to keep things right, to have a long lasting relationship.

  1. After wedding, things will get better

Things will only better if you have better communication and listening skills with your partner. You both need to have open and honest communication.

  1. Love is all that you need

You need more than love in your life. You need compassion, personal and professional development, financial stability, belongingness and more. Love might be one of the values we want.


  1. You can expect when you love

No, your partner is not in your life to fulfill your unrealistic expectations. They are in your life to enhance your life and not to deal with your unrealistic expectations. They cannot read your mind all time and he will never know what you want unless you tell him specifically.

  1. Your partner will agree with you if he loves you

Your partner will have an opinion of his own which will be different from yours at times. These small differences make your relationship adventurous and fun, so you need to respect and appreciate them.

  1. He will love you, no matter what

If you are self-destructive and abusive in any manner, your partner’s love will vanish away and it will turn into hatred for you.  


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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