13 Things That Show Opposite Sex Makes The Best BFF

Gone are the days when a relationship between a boy and a girl was bad-mouthed. We inhale and exhale in the 21st century when the thinking is actually the other way round. If you do not have at least one friend of your opposite sex, you are termed as stupid and duffer. There’s always something so good to have a friend who has no problem with your gender and you can behave just the way you are. In today’s world it is actually difficult to place someone who has such a wide mindset and if you have one, please do not let him go away from your life.

  1. Suddenly you have access to the thinking of both the worlds. When God created the world, he never drew lines for countries but he just divided the world into two halves, called man’s and woman’s. With a friend from opposite sex, you now know the mindset of both.


  1. You behave like brother or sister from another mother and at times people mistake you to be cute couple.


  1. The bond of love that you share with the other one is undoubtedly the platonic one which you never ever get from a boyfriend or girlfriend.


  1. They are the only persons in your life who would never shy away from saying the truth to you, no matter how you feel. If you are looking ugly in a dress, he would pass an honest comment.


  1. There can be millions of questions in your mind about the opposite sex and that can be easily cleared with such a friend.


  1. When you get an indecent proposal, you can always point it to your BFF that you are dating him.


  1. Just like the sibling, it’s easier to blame the other person when you are caught doing something offensive.


  1. The immense support system this person is – you won’t get any other in your life. He is just a call away even at 3 in the morning to save you from danger of any sorts.


  1. While you are perplexed about getting the right kind of present for your love-heart, you can always rely on this BFF as they would always pass on the excellent suggestion to you.


  1. He is not someone belonging to your family and therefore, you can always keep your secrets safe.


  1. Just like “My Best Friend’s Wedding”, you can have a lovely pact that if you cannot find the soul mate by 30, you would marry each other.


  1. In case if you are thinking of the lover side in that person always remember “Rohit-Naina” from Kal Ho Naa Ho who stays in love even after knowing each other’s past.


  1. They would never ever hurt you because they know how long you have come carrying all the baggage of life.


So, if you haven’t thought of these facts before, think of them now and be thankful to this person for what he is, but more important what you are in presence of this person.

Skadoosh guys!

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