7 Things We Wish We Could Do From The Comfort Of Our Bed!

By- Shreya Sharma

We are lazy bugs bitten that we do not want to leave our bed and have a steady relationship with our bed. How comforting is the thought of lying on bed and doing all your chords from there that king style life. We all have a long list of things we wish we could do from the comfort of our bed and some of those wishes are here.

  1. Pee while being on bed and not even wetting the bed!!

You know that feeling when the pressure is too much but you are too lazy to set out.

  1. Grocery shopping

The thought of leaving your bed and changing your clothes and stepping out to drag that cart is enough to wish that you could do the grocery shopping from bed only.

  1. Clean your room

Your room and your bed is one big messed up place to sit and this is one problem for you wish you wish to solve being on your bed only.

  1. Going to office

Or any other meeting. You just do not want to step out of your bed and wish you could be in the office being on bed.

  1. Do your homework but without falling asleep

You know you can do your homework being on bed but you even know that there are high chances of you falling asleep.

  1. Switching fan or any appliance off or on

You will go to any uncomfortable position on your bed to reach the switch board instead of getting out of bed to get the work done.

  1. Get ready in the morning

First it is hard to wake up and then getting out of bed to get ready is worst. You imagine of getting ready while staying in bed only.

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