10 Things Only an Only Child Would Understand

As everyone know that one is the loneliest number.  Whenever you tell people you’re an only child, they skeptically look you up and down before saying something cryptically judgmental and quite insulting, like “You don’t seem like an only child”. Due to largely rising costs of raising children, single child families are on the rise in every family. Being an only child has a lot of pros and cons, like you get a lot of attention from everyone whereas you also feel alone at times. behavior and attitude of single child is little different. Here are ten reasons why being an only child would understand, for better or for worse.

  1. You had the ‘talk’ with your parents

You always wanted to know why you don’t have a brother or sister and your parents must have explained that to you. They must have said that they only wanted you as the only child and didn’t want to share their love with another one or they are too old for another child and you have readily accepted it.


  1. You don’t really like to share!

From little things like snacks to big things like having a roomie in college, sharing is a new word in your dictionary and quite difficult to adjust with. You don’t have a habit to share things with others and cannot accept the formula of “Sharing is caring”.


  1. You love to hangout with big families

From little things like snacks to big things like being a roommate in college, sharing is a new word in our vocabulary and not necessarily bad!


  1. You are definitely closer to your friends

We treat our friends like the brothers and sisters that we never had. We are not satisfied with casual connection; we want the talk-for-hours-on-the-phone-every-day type of buddy.


  1. You are more mature than your friends

It is a natural phenomenon in a single child as you grew up with your parents and always hung around them hence you are more grown up than your friends. 


  1. Your parents are over-protective

Since you are a single child your parents won’t allow you for a night out and if they do they are definitely going to call you not just once but thrice or even more.


  1. You’re a little sensitive

You didn’t grow up getting picked on or your parents didn’t act violently with you, so sometimes things can upset you more easily than others. And you also try to avoid conflict as much as possible.


  1. You always try to please your parents

You are your parent’s sole concern for their entire life. Hence, you always want them to be proud of you and you constantly make efforts to keep up to their expectations.


  1. You are creative

You had to think of things to do to occupy your time, so you often have the best ideas. You like to draw, read, or do anything else that just requires yourself!


  1. You are not competitive

You often lack the strong desire, that so many have, to turn humdrum events into opportunities for competition. Don’t take it wrong, you like to win just like anyone else, but you just typically prefer non-competitive activities.


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