11 Reasons Why It’s Hard To Find Love For Strong Women!

By- Shreya Sharma

If you are strong women and find it hard to find love, then we have reasons for you! You are independent, strong, confident and equivalent to any man (not that others are not). You know you are enough to run your life and errands and do not need a man to guard you or help you with managing your house, still, your heart demands to feel the love, but you find it hard to get the real love. Here are 11 reasons why it is hard to find love for strong women.

  1. You are honest

If you are hurt, you will tell him instead of pretending to be fine and secretly wishing to run to the bathroom and cry. You just speak what you feel and some people just cannot handle the truth.


  1. You have a life outside of love

You are passionate and have passion. You have so many hobbies and a great career to focus on that you are easily distracted from dating.

  1. You are work in progress

You are not even apologetic about it. You are proud of your progress. You are growing closer to the women you wanted to be every day.

  1. You do not waste time with what-ifs

When someone is out of your life, you do not waste time questioning what you could have done differently to make them stay. You believe in let go and move on. You have no time to look back.


  1. You avoid toxicity

You know what true love is, it is not resenting or doubting. It is about smiles and laughs and silly conversations. Love is the beauty that eyes can see and soul can feel.

  1. You are comfortable with your body

You do not need someone to tell you that you are beautiful. You can see you are beautiful every time you look in the mirror. You know your worth.

  1. You know what you deserve

You do not wish to settle or play games or give out mixed signals. You cannot afford to lower your standards or surrender your dignity to find a boyfriend.


  1. You read people well

You have a strong gut feeling to direct you. You just sense the trouble. If you have the bad feeling about someone, then you are not going to stick with them.

  1. You want to be treated like an equal

You do not want people to look down at you or put you on a pedestal. You want someone who treats you equal- emotionally, physically and spiritually.

  1. You are intimidating

You initiate the first kiss and sex. You say exactly what is on your mind. You can you can make more money than any man. You are powerful and people see it as intimidating.

  1. You have a lot of love in your life

You are surrounded by love, friends, family, pet, coworkers. And finding a boyfriend is far from your first priority.


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