7 Ways To Wear Ankle Boots This Winters!

By- Sheena Bagga

After wearing so much of flip flop and sandals in summer, now this is the time to wear some ankle boots as the winters came just too warm cozy and look stylish with this sexy and appealing boots. They always keeps you feel warm and cozy and the right pair of it give you a hot yet chic look. No matters what you are actually wearing it goes with anything you wear, you can pair up with different things just to stay stylish and look fabulous. These boots are so much versatile than the high boots which you actually have in your closets. They are so perfect and give you a sexy look.

Here are the few ways to wear your ankle boots in this winters:

  1. Wear them with fur cardigan and a pair of leggings, and also a bling of golden accessories into it for a stunning look.


  1. Wear them with jeans and pair them with knit sweater and scarf around your neck for a chic look.


  1. Wear them with rugged jeans and pair them with a plain top and cardigan over it for a unique look.


  1. Wear them with jeans and just pull your cutest socks up over them and pair them with stripped top and sweater for a cute look.


  1. Wear them with a skater skirt, short and cute sweater and pair them with tights for a chic yet cute look.


  1. Wear them with leggings and pair them with flannel shit and a woolen scarf around your neck for a comfortable yet casual look.


  1. Wear them with a plaid shirt, a fur vest, a woolen scarf and pair them with a jeans for an amazing and fab look.


Source – Pinterest

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