7 Things Girls Who Are Addicted To Leggings Will Understand!

By- Shreya Sharma

Leggings are girl’s best friend. They are super comfortable and literally go with everything. But, like all amazing things you can’t live without, they also have a few downsides. Here are the things girl who is addicted to legging will understand.

  1. When you have to wear leggings immediately after taking a shower

Wearing leggings on those tiny wet legs is one hard task. Even if your legs are just a tiny bit damp from your shower, they stick to your skin as they try to pull them on.

  1. And putting on leggings after applying your lotion

It is even more horrible then putting on leggings immediately after taking a shower. Let’s not talk about it.

  1. When your favorite leggings get a hole in them

This is your favorite pair as it is perfect in every way, be it size, quality, stretchiness or other things. But now it breaks your hurt to see a hole in it. And you will yet try to wear it.

  1. When a new pair turns into a see-through after one wash

You buy it with whole heart and after one wash it becomes semi see-through and then you avoid going to areas with light wearing that.

  1. You kind of do not want to wear them to work out

Because you know, it gets all sweaty and it sticks to your body. As soon as you have to pee, you realize your sweaty legs make it impossible to pull them up again. You can’t take them off without turning them inside out.

  1. Finding the exact pair of leggings you are looking for

You have those “parkhi nazar” that others can be fooled but not you. You know the differences between each pair. The waistband on one of them is a little loose, and one of them is the perfect material to go out dancing in.

  1. When all your leggings are dirty

This is one difficult phase when you have to move on and wear jeans and denims. Your addiction for leggings is so high that the thought of jeans scares you.

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