5 Ways helps you improve your social skills to make you more sociable

Your social appearance matters a lot and everybody wants to be socially accepted. We all have that social need, the need to be known, to be accepted and appreciated in the society. We need to develop some social skills to grow on social grounds. We present things that can help you increase your social skills.

  1. Interact

Interaction is a must. You need to interact with others to be socially acceptable. People will know about you and respect you only once you try to interact with them. Be an initiator while interacting and play an active role.

  1. Make others talk about themselves/ ask questions

Ask open questions, so that the other person needs to reply with more than a yes or a no. Your question should be strong enough so that the other person tends to reply or is bound to reply but in a positive manner. Ask questions about them, it develops people’s interest in the conversation.

  1. Participate in activities and challenges

There are various challenges going on in our society and social platforms. You can participate in them and be an active member of those activities. “Your voice counts” keep that thought in mind and participate.

  1. Body language

Your gestures speak a lot about you. You must have heard that “actions speak louder than words”; your actions and gestures play a great role in building your social image. Maintain a poise and improve your body language to enhance your social skills.

  1. Pitch of your voice

The pitch of your voice matters a lot. If you keep on shouting and yelling, people will not prefer being with you. You need to lower down your voice tone. People prefer being with those who or soft spoken or have firm-ness in their voice. Build your voice and have modulations in your voice.

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