15 Signs You Are BEST At Everything And You *Know* It!

By- Shreya Sharma

You know you are best and great at everything. You give your best at everything you try and you feel even more amazing about yourself being simply great and awesome at everything. You flaunt being a successful person in every area of your life. And you are not at all sorry flaunting your success rate. Here are 15 signs you are best at everything and you know it.

  1. You love to give advice

You always give the advice even when your friends do not ask for it. And that is because you know what the right thing is.


  1. People think you are over confident

There is nothing wrong with a little confidence, especially when you know your worth.

  1. You step in when you see someone doing something wrong

You cannot let people ruin their life. You just try to help them.

  1. You cannot trust others in group project

It is okay if people help you on the group project, but you prefer to finish the whole thing on your own.


  1. When you are asked about your skills, you think of something particular rather than mentioning everything.

You do not want to give a 15-minute speech over your skills.

  1. “You are right” is what you love to hear

And this is something you get to hear all the time because you are right most of the times.

  1. You get into arguments about who is the best

And this is obvious that it is you.


  1. You love to help people

You are so good with things, that you cannot stop yourself from helping people.

  1. You cannot relate with people’s struggle

Struggle? What is that?

  1. You do not have to ask for advice

People try to give you advice, but you know you do not want it.


  1. You love to try new things

You try new things be it video games, bowling, cooking or anything and you know you are best at all of them.

  1. When it comes to team, people choose you

Only idiot people will pass you on the next team.

  1. You know the perfect things to say always

Because you are the best always.


  1. People want to know how you just do it

They do not know that you are born with this awesomeness.

  1. Failure does not discourage you ever

Because you know that believing you’re the best is the only way to be the best.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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