8 Things that makes a perfect first impression

The phrase, “First impression is the last impression.” very much fits in the real world.  If you are able to impress someone on the first meet, they will remember you for a long period of time and even if it is not by name then definitely by your face. If you want something to work in your favour you should always be ready to put up a tremendous first impression. Many people try but fail somewhere or the other, as they miss few simple things. Putting up the first impression is not a rocket science. Following are some of the simple things you should remember next time and things will work out for you.

  1. Displaying self-confidence

Confidence is something that speaks out for you. People can make it out if you are confident enough or not, by your body language, the way you talk, the way you behave and also by the way you respond. So first thing you need to check is your confidence. Be confident when you meet someone and portrait yourself as a friendly guy.

  1. Approachable and friendly body language

Now this is something that has a lot to do with the first impression. You need to keep a friendly and approachable body language. People should feel comfortable in your presence and should be able to transmit their thoughts without hesitation even if they are meeting you for the first time. That is how they are going to remember you for long.

  1. Proper handshake

Proper handshake is a way to convey your friendly approach along with your confidence. The handshake should not be too firm or too soft. You should not lean while shaking your hand and also do not shake it too much. A proper handshake is all about transmitting views without speaking. So you need to be very graceful while doing it.

  1. A little sense of humour

If a person has a sense of humour and he/she knows how to use it appropriately it is always an add on to the first impression they are making. If you can make someone smile or laugh you come in their good books and they like your company.

  1. Be positive and unique

Everybody has their own uniqueness. All you need to do is recognise it and then garnish it with a little positivity while you are meeting someone.

  1. Pay attention

Paying attention to others is important. If you are paying attention you will be able to understand everything the person is conveying and it will help you to give an appropriate response. Therefore you put a good impression on the person.

  1. Eye contact

There are other things than your mouth speaking for you when you try and communicate with someone. Eye contact is one of them. Maintaining an eye contact is important because it shows if you are confident or not or should the person you are talking feel offensive or not.

  1. Find common ground

To make a person feel comfortable and also to make him/he like you, you need to find a common ground. Everybody likes to meet people with common interest. So when you are able to find it, elaborate the part and make them feel comfortable with you.

This is how you can gain a tremendous first impression and ensure that people are going to remember you.

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