16 Ways You Can Have An Amazing First Date!

By- Shreya Sharma

The first date can be nerve wrecking. You are not sure how things will be and how the other person is going to be. What if the other person does not like you? What will you do if you get bored and wish to abort the date in between? What should I eat? What should I wear? And so many other questions will be there in your mind because you want it to be the perfect one. Here are 16 ways you can have an amazing first date.

  1. If you are online dating, prefer to use realistic pictures

Because they are going to see you anyway, so there is no point hiding your real self.


  1. Work on the idea of singlehood

Because certainly “So, why are you single?” is an important question and you should craft a perfect answer for that.

  1. Remember you only need one

Yet another first date with yet another new person will only increase the pool. Remember you are looking for the one, and that can happen at any time.

  1. Reconsider your idea of ‘The one’

As many people you will meet, there will be more than one who might make you happy. So, you need to reconsider your idea of ‘The one’ to find your one.


  1. Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and sexy

If you like to wear heels, wear them. If you have mentioned 5’10” as your height when it is 5’7” then there is no harm wearing heel as long as you are comfortable in them.

  1. Do not immediately agree for dinner

Go for coffee or drink first. Because if you agree for dinner date then you will need to have enough stuff to talk about for about an hour and if you do not have anything to talk about you will be sitting in awkward silence.

  1. Be yourself

Be your authentic self rather than acting on the basis of what the guy wants. Be yourself and see how fits in with you.


  1. Ask simple questions

Simple questions like ‘Hey, How are you?’ will make you both feel comfortable and familiar. Stay natural and you will learn more about each other.

  1. Talk about the things they are good at

Ask him about the things he likes “Hey, you told me you like to sing” and let him explain about it. When people talk about the things they love, they become more confident and turn into an attractive version of themselves.

  1. Learn to end bad date

If you feel that things are not going great and it is all turning awful, it is ok to quit the date. Do not waste your time because you do not owe him anything.


  1. Do not give up

Even if you had one bad date that does not mean your next dates will be the same. And even if it is bad, then you know how to call it a quit.

  1. Be upfront but do not elaborate

It is good to be upfront, but do not go at length about things. Have a pace that allows you both to see if you are a fit for each other.

  1. Do not start your date with complaints

There might be heavy traffic, or your boss was a mess but being overly negative can do the lot harm to your first date. Have a positive attitude rather than taking the negative road.


  1. Do not shy away from taboo topics

People might say that do not touch the topics like politics and religion on the first date, but it is better to know about their beliefs. Maybe this is something that makes you feel connected with each other.

  1. Offer to pay the check

You are strong enough to pay for your bill. If you want the guy to pay the bill, do not fake reaching to your purse, ask if you can help. Or if you want to take the charge, even then you are free.

  1. If you liked it, get in touch again

Sending a text or email to say thanks is a sweet, easy way to reiterate your interest. Sometimes people need a green signal. And if he is not interested then it is just a text.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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