7 Ways You Can Be Irresistible To Men… Every Time!

By- Shreya Sharma

We want to be irresistible for our man and there is nothing wrong with this. When you are irresistible to a man, you can work it to your advantage in many areas of life. To be irresistible, you do not just need to look good and dress well, you need to be a complete package. To cultivate irresistibility, here are 7 ways you can be irresistible to men every time.

  1. Keep a little mystery

Retain a little mystery about yourself so that he keeps coming back to you. Man finds it sexy when a woman appears to hold some secret and he will try his best to be in your life.


  1. Do not act high maintenance

Being demanding and high maintenance does not make you irresistible for men. If you become demanding with what you two do and where you two go, your man will want to spend less time with you.

  1. Your body language

The way we use our body can make us irresistible to men. You need not throw yourself on him or be overly sexually suggestive, but you got to do some simple gestures like stroking their arm while talking with him. These little body contacts can drive any man crazy.

  1. Be confident

Men find confident women sexy and irresistible. Have confidence in you and your actions, it will attract people naturally towards you. Do not be too confident that you appear arrogant.


  1. Have a good sense of humor

When you have a good sense of humor, it makes you irresistible to your crush. If you can produce a fun atmosphere and have a good time and good laugh, he will be attracted towards you.

  1. Do not act needy

Being too needy is a turn off for men. So, give your man some space and let him have a life of his own. Do not constantly text or call him and he will realize how much he misses you and will wish to meet you soon.

  1. Keep calm

Even if this is the guy you want to spend the rest of your life with, stay calm and composed so that he feels that he needs to put his efforts to win you. A little chase never hurts anyone.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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