17 Surefire Signs You Don’t LOVE Him Anymore!

By- Shreya Sharma

Falling in love always feels wonderful and like you have achieved everything, but is falling out of love the same feeling? We know, not really. It is hard to accept and that is why we try our longest and hardest to sustain the relationship before admitting that you have fallen out of love and calling things off. Sometimes we are not sure about our feelings and we wonder if this is the end or just a phase. But you should be sure if this is just a phase or have you fallen out of love. Here are 17 surefire signs that show you do not love him anymore.

  1. Avoiding sex

Initially, you just could not take your hands off your man and could not get enough of him and now you try to avoid any sexual encounter completely.


  1. Being a fault finder

You get annoyed with everything he does and wonders how it was when he was less irritating or if he was this way only then why you ended up being with him.

  1. Less of ‘I love you’

You used to feel butterflies in your stomach when your man used to say ‘I love you’ initially, but now you feel guilty, odd or nothing at all.

  1. No touching

You just cannot stand when he tries to snuggle up or hold your hand and you just rush away from him.


  1. You do not see any future

You avoid talking about your future together and when he talks about it, you just change the topic.

  1. Disconnect

You have started disconnecting with his family and friends.

  1. More of insults

See how many times you indirectly insult your man when you are with your friends. If this happens more often, you know the reason.


  1. You look at other guys

You know you are not single, but you still play in the field and exchanging looks with other hot, cute guys.

  1. Things feel like a chore

Dates instead of feeling fun and joy appear to be a chore and a boring task to accomplish.

  1. More of fights

Earlier you used to avoid fights and now you are the one picking up the fights with him.


  1. No more fixing problems

Earlier you used to address issues immediately and now you do not even care about fixing problems.

  1. No plans

You do not wish to include him in your plans; not in weekend plans, not in life plans.

  1. You are like friends

It no more feels like a lover with him, it feels like friends or roommates.


  1. Jealousy

You used to feel jealous and possessive, but now you do not care where he goes, with whom he talks and flirts.

  1. You look for reasons

You look for the reason to rent the apartment together or to have the joint bank account.

  1. Eye roll

Every aspect of your relationship has turned into a big eye roll now.

  1. Ugh couples

Being with other happy couples makes you uncomfortable and you just walk away.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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