20 Signs He Is About To Break Up With You!

By- Shreya Sharma

Breakups are bad in taste, but if it comes unexpectedly to you, things can turn ugly then. Imagine you are just in your la-la land, okay, not so la-la land but then you are happy with what you have and you are trying to make things fine, and one day your bae just calls things off. For outsiders, it was obvious but being an insider you were oblivion to what is around the corner. If you are not sure what is going on in your relationship, here are 20 signs he is about to break up with you.

  1. Things do not feel right

This is the most common sign of something being seriously wrong between you two. This is your sign that your partner is unhappy with how the relationship is going. You may talk about it. But if your man is not willing to open up about the issue, this might mean that you need to prepare for the next big things to happen.


  1. For him, everything is more important than you

If you are the last thing on his mind and you do not feel like being his priority, it is a sign that he does not care enough to keep things going. In fact, he is mentally out of your relationship.

  1. Issues that used to bother him, are no more and issue of concern.

Initially, he used to feel jealous when you used to flirt with other guys, but now he encourages you to chat with people. This shows that he has given up.

  1. Sex life? What is that?

If your man is no more interested in sleeping with you or getting frisky with you, this shows that he has ready to move on. If he used to show his affection through sex, then this is one bad sign for you.


  1. He spends more time with his female friends than you

This is a sign that his female friends have taken priority in his life over you. Guys do not usually have emotional affairs, but if you think he is confiding in his female friends about you, then he has already moved on without breaking up with you.

  1. He is annoyed with the fact that you want attention or sex

It shows that he needs space and you need a new boyfriend.

  1. He is saying things he would never ever say

If he calls you hurtful things like saying you are fat or telling you not to be clingy, then your relationship is already dead. For him, you are his punching bag only and he is not concerned about your feelings.


  1. He makes no efforts with his appearance

He does not get his beard done. He does not put in his efforts to make you laugh. You may feel that you have grown comfortable, but to be real, neither partner should ever stop chasing.

  1. Only you put efforts in relationship

Guys actually do not put efforts into the relationship, thinking that it will frustrate the girl and she will break up with him. In a relationship, there should be equal efforts. Do not take the complete responsibility on yourself.

  1. You have more bad days than the good ones

Relationships are supposed to make you feel happy and better, not worse. Dump him before he calls things off.


  1. He has cheated on you or looking for someone else

Is he on Tinder? Do you find him chatting with new girls? Chances are he will dump you as he finds one. Even if he does not dump you, will you be okay if he cheats on you.

  1. Suddenly he runs out of cash

If you used to spend a lot on each other, and now he seems to be low on cash all the time, he might be saving up the money to move out. Or he might be spending his money on someone else.

  1. You are no longer in his future plans

Earlier he used to talk about marriage and kids, but now all the talks about future have been put to a halt. It could be because he does not see a future with you.


  1. No more confrontations

You do not fight even on the issues that you should fight about. All the issues that should be confronted are swept under carpet. This is sure to lead to a huge fight.

  1. Your needs are now filled elsewhere

You find it difficult to ask your man for affection. If you are going to cheat on him, he will probably dump you once he gets to know about it.

  1. Constant fights

It seems like he always picks up arguments. He finds your fault in everything. Everything puts him off. Every day you have huge fights. It is because he is trying to come up with a reason to break up without having to take all the blame.


  1. He is happy out of the relationship

Going out with his guys is one thing, but if he constantly goes out without even consulting you, it is a sign that he wants to be out of the relationship.

  1. You cannot agree on major decisions

While you might want two kids, he might want none. You want to stay in the same city, but he wants to move out. If you cannot agree on major life decisions, then it often means that you will end up breaking up.

  1. He got diagnosed with serious illness

Men are more likely to abandon a sick partner than women.

  1. No romantic talks

You can’t remember the last time that he told you that he loved you, called you a pet name, or anything similar. This is a sign that the love has gone.


Source –  Tumblr

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