7 Things Only Your Roommate Will Understand!

Your roommate is the person who knows you in and out and stores your deepest secrets. You have your own stories that nobody knows. You have been there for one another in every situation and they know you the best. Things only your roommate will understand.

  1. Your PMsing situation

They know the pain you go through, the feelings you have at that time and what all should be down to calm you down and help you with the pain. They act like a mother to help you face that un-bearable pain.

  1. Your love for singing

They know that you are one terrible singer yet they tolerate your love for singing. They may pass on some comments to tease you but your terrible singing does not bother them anymore.

  1. When you cry for your ex

They stick by your side when you miss your ex and cry for them for hours. They help you get over it. They do not blame you for boring them with your stories although by now they know them by heart.

  1. Your exam preparation

They are the ones who ask you to study during your exams or at times support you in the decision of “not to study”. They make sure that you do not fall asleep or wake up at time. They prepare you coffee or tea to make you going.

  1. The number of times you call your mom

Only they can understand how much you miss your family. They know the number of times you call your mom and how long the conversation will proceed.

  1. Your drinking pattern

They know it better than you that how much of drink is suitable for you. They know how to handle you when you are too high or how to stop you from drunk dialing your ex.

  1. Your sleeping game

Most of us has a weird sleeping pattern. Some of us prefer to sleep with a C position and others may prefer to sleep diagonally. They tolerate you for your odd sleeping positions that sometimes disturb them a lot.

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