15 Things You’ll Understand If You Always Need To *Pee*!

By- Shreya Sharma

‘I need to pee’ is this, what you have in your mind right now or maybe always, and then you know how hard it is to deal with this situation always. You find it hard to ask your friends to excuse you every now and then because ‘how will they react?’ and what if you are in the middle of a meeting and there you have the urge to use the loo but no escape. You have been to the washroom of every café, bar, restaurant and even petrol pumps because the pressure is too high to deal with. Here are 15 things you will understand if you always need to pee.

  1. People think you have some kind of issue

As an employee, you have to use a shared bathroom unless you are not on the grand position of being a CEO of the firm. And most of your office people know that you use loo way too much because they have seen you going there often. You feel awkward passing them again and again but you cannot help it and stop people from thinking any bizarre thing.


  1. Jumpsuits are a big no-no

Because it is hard to take them off when you have to use the loo. Undressing yourself completely and then dressing yourself up again is a whole new task. You have to get naked or hold your dress carefully so that it does not touch the floor and get dirty.

  1. You look for bathroom everywhere

As I said earlier, you have been to the washroom of every bar, café, restaurant or even petrol pump. While your friends will be looking at the menu, you will be spotting the washroom because you have to visit the washroom at least once when you are there.

  1. Road trips are hard

You have to stop the car every few hours to find a loo and release the pressure. Everyone is human and a few bathroom breaks are a deal when you plan a road trip, but you are the one requesting your friends to stop the car to pee and then you are blamed for getting people late.


  1. Places without washroom are nightmare

So, as you look for washroom everywhere, the places that do not have washroom are a nightmare for you because now it is hard for you to control the pressure and neither have you had any washroom in your nearby area. When you ask the waiter for the washroom and they tell you there is no washroom, you are taken aback and swear not to visit the place again.

  1. You want a seat near washroom

You dream to sit on the window seat and see the clouds and cities all from far, but this is just a dream because you have to seat on the aisle seat so that you can rush to the loo whenever you are in the need of it without disturbing the fellow passengers.

  1. Coffee!! Oh no

Though coffee is bliss because it gets you going throughout the day, but it makes you use the loo even more because it is diuretic in nature. It is your choice to take the coffee and stay supercharged the whole day with the urge to use the washroom every now and then or whether you want to feel drained without coffee and more of pee.


  1. You have to pee outdoors

You do your best to not get into the awkward pressure and need to pee while being in the mid-way of your destination; you go to the washroom before you leave so that you can take off all the liquid you have consumed. But all in vain because you just have to use the loo and when you do not find any solution you have to pee outdoors.

  1. Water or no water is a big problem

We all know hydration is important for our body to function properly. But it often leads to the dysfunctional peeing system for you. You know that if you increase your water intake, your time spent in loo will increase.

  1. You have used the men’s restroom as well

The line outside female washroom is way too long for you to hold the liquid in your bladder. So, when you have to go and it is urgent and you know that there is no way you will get the chance to use the loo any before than 20 minutes, you sneak into men’s washroom and get yourself free from the pressure.


  1. You always accompany people to washroom

Now it is a fact that women go to the washroom in the group to chat and gossip, to touch up their makeup and takes selfies and whatnot. Now, your friends know that you will always accompany them to the washroom because you will just have to use the loo. You are their bathroom companion without looking like the one who needs to use the loo always.

  1. Bathroom lines are nightmare

You are there standing with an extreme pressure, it is hard for you to even to walk like a human because of the pressure, you reach to the washroom and there is this long line that will take you like 20 minutes to get to the loo and do your job. This is the horrible experience for you because people hardly understand the pressure you are feeling.

  1. You have to count pee breaks in your work schedule

Whatever be your job type, there comes a point when you are so engrossed in your work and maintain a workflow that you hate when you have the urge to pee. You cannot hold it for long and you know that if you go out to pee, it will be hard for you to get into your work zone mode again.


  1. You hate the washrooms holding the board ‘customers only’

Public bathrooms are easily accessible; you can just find anyone in any mall. But there are cafes that only allow the customers to use the washroom, and if you happen to use it anyway, you feel bad about using it without actually being a customer to them. So, you usually release the pressure and buy a drink just to compensate.

  1. You have to take pee break during exciting times

You’re sitting and enjoying yourself, perhaps watching a movie you’ve been dying to see or catching up with friends you haven’t seen for way too long, and then your bladder hits you. You need to pee ASAP. You absolutely do not want to miss the excitement – yet, you know if you wait another five minutes, your bladder is probably going to burst, and that’s a situation you want to avoid. So, you try to run to the bathroom as quickly as you can.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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