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16 Mistakes You Should Avoid When You Have Body Acne!

By- Shreya Sharma

It is the season of crop tops, tank tops, dresses, and shorts, oh yes, it is summer! The thought of these clothes might be please, but hey, do not you feel conscious because of the body acne you have? Body acne is common and normal and I too deal with it. And the acne does not let us wear the dress we decided to wear and oh no crop or racer back tops. There are various products that can help you stop a pimple, but if it still does not work, then you might be making a few mistakes. Here are 16 mistakes you should avoid when you have body acne.

  1. Wearing tight clothes

Leggings, fitted tees, fitted tank top or any other tight fitted cloth is not doing any good to your skin. Your skin will not be able to breathe properly and when you will sweat, it will be trapped between your skin and your cloth leading to breakouts.


  1. Wearing wrong fabric

Some fabrics are breathable like cotton, while some are not like polyester. When fabrics do not breathe, the sweat gets trapped and causes acne.

  1. No showers

You might be saving water, but you are not making your skin happy. You can at least cleanse your body with a sponge on daily basis.

  1. Bathtub sessions

They are super chill, but you are soaking in all the dirt that was on your body. Switch to the shower and your skin will improve.


  1. Too much of scrubbing

Your body can stand scrubbing, but do not go overboard because it will not clear your pores. Over scrubbing can actually cause your acne to pop up.

  1. Using dirty loofah

Do not use the loofah that is hanging in your bathroom since forever and you do not even remember the last time you used it or washed it. Do not use it if it smells. It can carry bacteria to your body.

  1. Unwashed bras

The dirty unwashed bras can make you break out on your chest, boobs, and back as the dirty bands and straps rub against your skin.


  1. No showers after workout

It is not just about the sweat; it is that the sweat on your body can cause breakouts. If you cannot shower, at least use cleansing wipes or the cleansing foams.

  1. Wrong sunscreen

Do not forget to wear sunscreen, but the wrong one can cause pimples. Choose the lightweight sunscreen for acne prone skin. Find the products labeled ‘non-comedogenic’ as they will not clog your pores.

  1. Touching your skin way too much

Your hands are not clean; they might be covered with dirt and germs. And when you constantly touch your body, you are spreading the germs which can lead to zits.


  1. Popping zits on your body

When you pop the pimples with your fingers, it can cause the bacteria to spread which can lead to more zits.

  1. No medicated acne face wash

Do not use the old soaps or body wash because its fragrance can cause you zits. Treat the acne on your body with a body wash that works on pimples.

  1. Body lotion on acne prone area

Body lotions moisturize your skin but it can make your body acne worse. The fragrance it contains can irritate your skin and they can clog your pores which lead to zits.


  1. Washing hair after bathing

Wash your hair first and then your body. This way the dirty water will not run over your clean body. The opposite process can lead to breakouts.

  1. Applying acne cream during day

If you read the warnings on the acne creams, you would notice the warning that they can cause clothing discoloration. If you’re just applying a cream to your face, your arms, back, and/or chest, it can be problematic. Play safe and only use the cream at night when you’re wearing an old PJ shirt that you don’t care about.

  1. Not exfoliating

Exfoliating can keep your pores clear. When your skin is clogged with dirt and oil and dead skin, it can lead to zits.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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