13 Things Girl Who Cannot Seem To Gain Weight Would Understand!

By- Shreya Sharma

You have been trying it all, all the times, to gain weight anyhow. You are sick and tired of hearing people say that you need to gain weight or kitni patli ho tum. There is no one in your friend list who does not crack a joke up on your weight. You go through a lot of mental trauma about your weight problem but yes somewhere deep down you are happy with your body and weight. Here are things girl who cannot seem to gain weight would understand.

  1. You search for your symptoms on Google to check if you have some serious problem.


  1. People ask you “beta gharwale khana nahi dete kya?”


  1. You try everything; be it exercise, proteins, powders, meat, medication to gain weight but you fail.


  1. You have free pass to eat anything at anytime as it will not make you fat.


  1. It is difficult for you to find clothes that fit you or are of your size.


  1. You are sick and tired of hearing that “you need not to diet” and you are like “really?? Thank you for your not-so needed advice.”


  1. Since you cannot gain weight, you are known as the “skinny one” in your gang.


  1. You have so less of flesh on you that you feel cold all the time.


  1. No one believes you when you say you eat a lot or you love food.


  1. You hear people saying that they are scared to hug you because it might break your bones.


  1. You always hear them saying ‘they envy you” for not gaining weight.


  1. It hurts your butt bone when you sit on an un-cushioned chair.


  1. You cannot donate blood, it idea of you planning to donate blood is funny for others.


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