6 Everyday Habits Of Yours That Makes You Gain Weight!

By- Sheena Bagga

Eating directly before sleeping can cause you gain weight day by day. This will lead to increase the metabolism in your body. Snacking in the midnight increases fat storage in your body, due to this it can cause medical issues also. Studies made a connection between late night eating and weight gain which increases the calories. Eating mindlessly can cause you gaining 2 pounds a month. Well, a new study show that you could be gaining weight within a month because you not taking your sleep on time, staying up too late can also cause gaining weight.

Here are some of the Bad habits to watch for:

  1. Skipping your Breakfast.

Well skipping breakfast that’s a big mistake because you’ve not eaten overnight. So in the morning, your body needs some heavy food some fuel which can regenerate your energy, and your metabolism also needs to be bounce with food.

  1. Snacking vigorously.

Snacking unlimited leads to gain weight. If you’re having a big meal and then again a big bowl of ice cream, you’re going to gain weight. Snacking without thinking, just make sure that you are adding extra calories in your daily routine. Add in some exercises during the day or downsize your dinner to compensate.

  1. Starvation mode is on during shopping.

When you are facing grocery stores and that time your extreme hunger increases. You end up buying the first quick fix item you see. Eat something little or something healthy before shopping.

  1. Drinking alcohol or soft drinks.

Alcohol, beer, wines and soft drinks- they all go down easily. But the calories are adding up. Save your liquid calories for future when it is needed.

  1. Sleep loss- feel hungry.

Sleep loss makes you feel hungry even when if your tummy is full. Sleep loss affects the secretion of cortisol, a hormone that regulates appetite as the study shows. Even sleep loss also increases fat storage in your body.

  1. Late-night meals.

Well, late-night meals habit generate due to you are sleeping late in the night. So that you started feeling hungry in the night, if you sleep on time your body doesn’t need more food to eat due to which you are gaining weight.

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