7 Things You Do With Your Best Friend One Too Many Times!

“My best friend is my best friend!” those dubsmash sessions where you claimed it to the world that she is your best friend and nobody dares to interrupt you. There are many things that we do with our best friend like using every new app. Other than this there are other things as well that you do with your best friend one too many times.

  1. Making fun of people

A single look at one another and you know who is your next target. You both hate the same person and thus it is easy for you to make endless fun of them. The times you made fun of someone’s accent or of their fake stories.

  1. Giving weird names to people

You do not miss a chance to do “Namkaran” of people with the weirdest names. Think of all the names you gave to people with your best friend, those weird, secret names that only you two know about.

  1. Shopping/parties/outings

This is your daily routine. You do not skip a day without being with one another. It is either parties or shopping sessions or random outings, but you make sure that you two are together where ever you go. Even your family parties include your best friend too.

  1. Night stays

As and when possible, you plan night stays at one another’s place. These are your fun sessions where you can be in your pajamas and feel like at home. Her family has now turned into yours. And you no more bother about how you look.

  1. Exchange of clothes

Your clothes belong to her and her clothes belong to you. There is no hiding or feeling pissed off, when the other one wears your new dress or shoes. “Jo tera hai wo mera hai, jo mera hai wo tera”!!

  1. Screenshot story

When you gossip about people all day long and screenshots help you make it more fun and interesting. You exactly know about who said what as hello!! We are best friends; we are going to share the screenshots even if you say “Don’t tell anyone.”

  1. Endless selfie session

This is your favorite!! You are obsessed with one another and so are with selfies. Wherever you go, you do not miss a chance to have an endless selfie session or update yours snapchat story.

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