15 Things that can be understood only by people who love to sleep

Sleep is a regular exercise that gives our body, mind, and soul proper energy to dwell every action all through the day. Every living being on this earth has to fall asleep to regain energy. Among all animals, cat is the one which sleeps the longest, 18-19 hours a day. For a healthy body and mind, we humans require at least 6-8 hours of sleep per day. But again there are people who think that sleeping is only their birth right and can end up sleeping 24 hours.

Following are the things that only people who loves to sleep would understand.

  1. You anxiously wait for the exams and assignments to see the last day of completion as your bed has been calling you for a longer time.


  1. The moment you wake up and see any other person hugging the extra pillow and sleep, you feel like pouring a bucket of cold water on him/her.


  1. You always have some favorite set of pillows to stuff below your neck, leg, and waist and if you see anyone embracing it, you fume out.


  1. You love your favorite teddy bear to cuddle while going to bed every time.


  1. Only you can understand the beauty of a dark room enlightened by shining/glittering stickers in the shape of stars and crescent. No matter how much you grow up, you always love these stickers.


  1. You just hate sharing your blanket with any other person, be it your boyfriend, best friend, or mom. You feel like your privacy with darling slumber is being disturbed.


  1. Weekends socializing plans are always turned down by you. Although you want to go out with friends and have fun but you make some stupid excuse at the end moment so that you can remain at home hugging your pillows and sleep peacefully.


  1. “Who requires a mobile to communicate?” is your strangest statement when someone complains for not receiving calls. You feel like you can communicate while you are sleeping.


  1. Suppose you have planned to watch a movie, or read a book, but the power cut hampered your plans. You don’t lose your temper, instead you feel happier because you got extra time to sleep.


  1. When you have nothing to do literally, you doze off.


  1. You keep on complaining the whole day, if you don’t get to sleep for the normal stretch of hours you generally sleep.


  1. When early in the morning nature’s call wakes you up, you finish off the washroom work and rush to bed after watching the clock. Mentally, you have actually calculated how many more hours to go to finally take the pain of waking up.


  1. You wake up several times and keep on snoozing the alarm clock innumerable times because every minute of sleep is very significant for you.


  1. It pisses you off when you wake up and are unable to recall the dream you just had. You have tried it several times to go back to sleep and think and dream so that you can continue with the conclusion.


  1. Seeing dreams in seep is your favorite pastime. And you have a special diary where you narrate your dreams every time you wake up. Seems like you live to sleep…..oh! sorry, you live to sleep and dream.


Skadoosh guys!

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