8 Annoying Types Of People You Encounter At Movies!

By- Shreya Sharma

There are many of us who are movie buffs and will watch any movie from good to bad to ‘Yeh kya bakwas hai’. But you will never miss on those who are ready to ruin your movie experience because they just got no control. Here are 8 annoying types of people you encounter at movies.

  1. The commentary man

They are irritating because they are disabled to be quiet at least at the movie theater. They just not shut up and they will have to say something about everything in the movie. ‘What the hell yar, how can she ditch him?’


  1. The family with babies

The cute cuddly babies turn out to be the most worst that can happen to you in the theater. They will cry and cry and some more cry and then their parents have to move here and there holding them making it difficult to look at the screen properly. Why do they bring in their babies yar?

  1. The one who has already watched it

We all have been through this once in our life. It could be your friend who pretended to be sweet to accompany you or it could the person sitting next to you. Your friend will look at you in every 2 minutes to see if you liked it and might even reveal something that is going to happen next in the movie. ‘Arey dekh abhi ye isko maarne wali hai’ ‘Bohot acha scene hai, dhayan se dekh’

  1. The love birds

You will find lovey dovey couple who have come to watch the movie. And you can hear them whispering into each other’s ears and giggling and getting a little mushy. Ok! Now please watch the movie.


  1. The mobile guy

We all hate him sync. This person has his phone on general and constantly checks his messages or is on call. We all just want to ask him one question ‘Bhai, aisa kaunsa business chal raha hai jo yahan pe bhi phone ko sukoon nhi hai?’

  1. The ones who eat loud

Fine, your money, your food! But at least do not eat your popcorns so loud that the world can hear it. And then, sipping on the Pepsi even when it is over! Okay, I need to calm down!

  1. The late comers

It’s been 10 minutes since the movie started, you are into it and then you start to hear a line of “Excuse me”s. And you are like “Dude, I do not want to excuse you. I missed that dialogue!”  And not to forget their oh-so-innocent dialogue “Shit! Start ho gaya”

  1. Kids

People with small children who can talk are no less than a horror story. They ask questions every 2 minutes “Mumma ye ro kyu rahi hai?” “Papa phone on kar do na” and their parents have to just silently nod their heads with “hmm”.


Source –  Tumblr

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