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Never Stop Doing These 11 *Romantic* And Flirty Things In Your Relationship!

By- Shreya Sharma

When you fall in love with your partner, everything about them is lovable, you are passionate and you love every moment spent with him. Now, since you have been together for a long time, everything might start to feel like a routine and your passion might be slowing down. You need to keep the passion alive and flirt with your partner to keep the spark alive. Here are 11 romantic and flirty things that you should never stop doing in your relationship.

  1. Compliment your man in front of others

When you man walks into the room, turn to the person next to you and say ‘Isn’t he so handsome?’ It will make your man feel good and will boost the spark between you both.


  1. Sexy texts

Send your man some sexy pictures of yours, or tell him what all you plan to do with him once he gets back to home. This will build the anticipation and he will be rush to be at home sooner.

  1. Handwritten notes

Leave handwritten notes on the fridge, his bed side, his wallet, his car or even in the socks he is going to wear. Write sweet, suggestive and flirty notes like “Let’s try something new tonight”. He will be smiling the whole day, thinking about you.

  1. Little kisses

Flirt with your man by placing random kisses on his cheeks, lips or forehead.


  1. Touch him

Grab his butt or any other part that you want, if he is okay with it. Hug, kiss or squeeze your man for no reason. This will keep things interesting in your relationship.

  1. Have fun together

Laugh at each other’s jokes and share the old good time. Do not stop doing the things that made you fall for each other. Do things together, go on romantic walks; you can skip some household chores some days.

  1. Dress up for each other

Arrange a romantic candle light dinner and dress your best. Dress to impress. Take out your little black dress and do a little makeup to impress your man.


  1. No pajama days

Though they are comfortable, but ban them for a few days and wear your sexy lingerie. Leave the lights on, and wait for him to enter the room.

  1. Plan surprises

Do the unexpected and seduce your partner. Pick up his favorite snacks or beer when you are on your way to home. Plan surprise date or anything that he does not expect.

  1. Try new things

Try new position in bed or a new restaurant or anything new. It will break the monotony and it will start a new chapter in your life. If it doesn’t suit you then you don’t really lose anything; you gain something and it’s called experience.

  1. Get intimate

Do not have the sex when it is night or only in bedroom. Surprise your man when he is taking the shower, try new positions, new places. Have some passionate, teenager like sex.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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