17 Kinds Of Deals You Should Make With Your Boyfriend!

By- Shreya Sharma

To have a long lasting relationship, it is necessary that you and your man make some pacts regarding a few things. Sit down, and discuss about all the serious matters and the way you should deal with them. Sometimes, it is healthy to have a serious discuss and make some deals. Here are 17 kinds of deals you should make with your boyfriend.

  1. To never have secrets

If it is about a surprise party for each other than it is fine, and in another case you both should be open with each other about everything.


  1. Tell about whereabouts

You both should let each other know when you plan to go out with your friends or about where you are.

  1. Say no to threatening

Do not threaten each other to leave or hurt. This is the worst you can do.

  1. Share the bills

Do not let him pick the tab always. Dutch the bill like you share the other household chores.


  1. Not bringing old fights

Bringing old issues in every argument will only make your relationship unhealthy. Leave the past issues in past once they are resolved.

  1. To watch shows together

If you both watch a TV series together, it is better you wait for your partner to come rather than watching it ahead of him. If he allows you to watch it alone, that is fine.

  1. To be honest

You both should be honest with each other. He should honestly tell you if he likes your dress or not rather than saying what you should wear.


  1. To be proud of each other

Brag about each other, show off each other whenever possible.

  1. To compromise

Learn the art of compromise and have progressive fights.

  1. To text each other

If you cannot see each other every day, you should at least text or call or Skype each other to hear from each other.


  1. To keep your private life within you two

Do not share your private life with your friends. This is something that should stay between you and your man.

  1. To be nice with each other’s parents

Even if you cannot stand with them, you need to be civil with them because you love each other.

  1. Share food

You both should share the food even if you have ordered it for yourself.


  1. Talk about your feelings

Talk about your feelings because you both deserve to hear the truth.

  1. To have ‘me time’

You both should allow each other to have ‘me time’ and have fun with your friends without frowning at each other.

  1. To not accuse each other

Do not accuse each other without any proof. Before accusing him, you should discuss things with him.

  1. Your relationship should be your priority

Set your priorities right. Put your man before anything but that does not mean that you should leave your job or friends.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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