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19 Things Men NEVER Admit But You Know Are True!

By- Shreya Sharma

Men are not as communicative and emotional as a woman and we know there is a lot that they do not tell us. Men are poor when it comes to expressing themselves and their emotions in words. If your guy is the one who speaks about his emotions in length, count yourself lucky. Most guys hold on to their emotions and their actions speak loud about their emotions than words. Here are 19 things men never admit but you know are true.

  1. ‘I miss you’

You are lucky if your boyfriend tells you about how much he misses you. But mostly, men says it rarely. Some man takes it as a sign of weakness and dependency. They prefer keeping distance from their emotions to be the dominating one in the relationship.


  1. Boys night out are not always fun

You might think that there will be booze, talking about girls and dancing. But sometimes it just that your man wants to chill out with his friends. But it is not the case always as sometimes they miss you and would rather prefer cozying up in the blanket and having dinner with you.

  1. You are beautiful even when sick

Men are great with compliments but sometimes the most we yearn for the compliment is the time when we are straight out of bed, or are sick or have not even done our hair. If a man tells you that you look beautiful with your early morning look or sickness, he is a keeper.

  1. They do not want to grow old alone

We know that woman do not want to grow old alone and need a companion. Man too holds the same fear. They will never express it to you, but that does not mean they do not feel this fear of being old and alone.


  1. PMS are scary

You know how your mood swing, how you cry bad or just lash out at your bae for the smallest of things during that time of your month. They know that telling you that you are irrational, scary and overemotional at that time of the month is like calling for demons.

  1. They too have not figured out things yet

It is not just us who fear where our life is heading and that we have not figured out things even yet. Man too feels this fear though they do not talk about it. Men are more immature than women and even take longer time than us to figure out what they want and where their life is heading.

  1. The jealousy from guy friends

For the man, showing their jealousy is like revealing their insecurity to you. Some men are overly possessive, while others do not express it. Your man is super jealous of your guy friend; he is just keeping his calm to not bring up the topic.


  1. He wants to feel masculine

He may ask to pick up your bags or to pay for the meal or to help you fix your tire. He just tries to take care of you, because that is what man are supposed to do. They want to protect you and help you. And there is not harm with this.

  1. They want you to be straight and blunt

Men are no mind readers. Saying you are fine when you actually are not is neither going to help you nor him! He will spend his day to figure out the reason but all in vain. So, they prefer when you straight out tell them what they messed up so that they can fix it up to make you happy.

  1. Your exes are a big hatred

He just hates your exes. No matter even if he has never met them. He neither wants to see them nor wants to hear about them. He just wants to hear that he is better than your ex.


  1. To be quiet

Man love listening to your beautiful voice but at times they just want you to be quiet. They know asking for this will lead to an argument. So, if he is watching some match on TV and you hear him saying hmm to everything you say, it is time you understand and prefer to be quiet.

  1. They notice very small detail

When a guy is really into you, he will notice the difference in you but will not be able to point it out. They notice everything, the new haircut or new scent.

  1. They look at another woman too

Beauty is to be praised. So, if someone pretty passes by him, he will sure look at her. But this does not mean that he will leave you for her. You need not get jealous.


  1. He wants you to be around him

If he asks you to hang out with his friends, it is not for formality, it is because he genuinely wants you to be there with him. If your man really cares about you and loves you, he will want you to be around him as much as possible.

  1. They like a little skin showing

Even if your bae loves you in sweatshirts and pants, that does not always mean he wants to see you covered always. He will be happy to see you in skimpy clothes too. He likes it when you flaunt your body.

  1. They put in their best efforts

Man does not actually know how to make you happy, but they try their best and put in the maximum of his efforts to keep you happy always.


  1. He loves to brag about you

He might not tell you, but he loves to brag about you. He just wants to tell everyone about how beautiful a person you are. He always says good things about you.

  1. They also love compliments

The way we love compliments, the same way he loves it too. Do not forget to compliment your man about how attractive he is or about his intelligence, humor or any of his traits. He may pretend to ignore it, but he loves it.

  1. They too have emotions

Man too gets emotional; it is just that they do not put it on display. They are told that to cry is not masculine but that it does not mean that he does not feel anything. Know your man and you will know how he feels. If your man cries in front of you, then you should be happy that he is comfortable with you to shed some tears.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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