7 Things Women Who HATES Shopping Understands!

By- Shreya Sharma

Hates shopping? Like which lady would hate shopping. You too must be having same thoughts with the title but yes there exist such women as well who hate to shop. It is almost like trauma or torture for them to visit a store and shop. We respect their choice and wish to share the things women who hates shopping understands.

  1. The questions fired on them

Yes, the way we had questions in our minds that who does not like to shop, the same questions are fired on them every now and then and even more than those Why, why not’s.

  1. Trial Room horror

You dislike the idea of going to trial room and trying the clothes. On the first place it is hard for you to choose clothes and then those long queues of trial room. Apart from this, you are not comfortable visiting a trial room. You do not know how to spare this horror.

  1. Billing queue trauma

After all those mehnat in deciding what to buy and trial room fiasco, there comes another turn off for you; the billing queue. Those barely 5 min. seems to be like 5 years to you.

  1. You do not understand fashion

When your friend asks you regarding which one is better and you are all confused and ends up saying “mujhe nahi samjah aa raha, tu dekh le”. It is difficult for them to understand fashion.

  1. Getting clothes out of hanger is pain

The time you decide to scan around sections to see what they can buy, hanger becomes their problem. It is almost like a fight between you and hanger to get the clothes off. This pisses you off.

  1. Everything seems overpriced

You decide to have a look a clothes and stuff, you start your scanning process and everything seems to be overpriced or you do not get your size in your favorite cloth.

  1. Your phone is your savior

When you are out with your friend on shopping just for their sake, you find it hell boring and irritating. You are continuously on your phone. It is like a savior for you. You are so engrossed in it that you are least bothered about your friend, their questions, the clothes around you and your possibility to buy a few of them.

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