9 Reasons I’d Rather Stay Single Than Accepting Less Than I Deserve!

By- Shreya Sharma

Being single is fun but not always easy but after so many heartbreaks we understand that staying single is far better than accepting less than you deserve. You can settle down with a guy who is just OK for you or choose to wait for the right one. We will suggest you wait for your Mr. Right. Here are the reasons why it is better to stay single than accepting less than you deserve.

  1. You have faced a lot

You had been through so many heartbreaks and that is sure because they were not the right one. It is time you look out for someone you deserve and not let it become the next heartbreak.


  1. You need not be desperate anymore

You have been through so much that now you would be over that phase of getting attention from someone. Love should be a bonus that will make its way into your life.

  1. You are good on your own

You are enough to make your decisions. You should be the boss of your own life without any help. You have your own story and he should be capable enough to make it into your books.

  1. The guy should stand out

You are stronger and smarter enough not to settle down for less than you deserve. You know your capabilities and what your heart can do, what for a guy who can bring out those capabilities.


  1. You are enough to make yourself happy

Happiness comes from within and you should not depend on your partner for happiness. You are strong enough to put a smile on your face every day. It should be your responsibility to keep yourself happy.

  1. The pain you have felt should be worth it

You faced a heart break because he was not the one for you. You went through so much of emotional turmoil not to just end up in one again. You should wait for the guy, who is deserving enough to make you feel crazy and hot.

  1. “Good Enough” is not for you

If Good Enough is what you want, you could have had him long time a back. Look for someone you can imagine yourself growing old with and loving with your whole heart.


  1. You got no time

You might be the only one in your BFF group who is single but that is absolutely fine. It is better to wait for the right guy. You are strong enough to survive your life and wait for the deserving one.

  1. Boyfriend should not be your end game

Love should not be only about having the boyfriend and spending romantic times and dates with him. The one in your life should be your beloved, best friend, the partner in crime with whom you can share things and life seems simple to pass by.     


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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