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16 Weird Things Every Girl Does With Their Crush… You Have Done These Too!

By- Shreya Sharma

When we have a crush, we go crazy. We all do the weirdest crazy things without wondering that it is probably making us look like a complete weirdo. We stalk them on Facebook, Instagram and every other social media platform they are on, we indirectly try to investigate about them through their friends and we just wish to know everything about them, from the dog they had to the cat they have. Here are 16 weird things every girl does with their crush, you have done these too!

1. When you talk with your crush on texts, you check your phone zillion time in a day to see whether you have a text from them or not.

Why is he not texting me? *pout*


2. You are not a part of their social accounts officially, but you know them in detail.

That is not stalking? or is it? *Gasp*

3. You replay the one sweet thing he said to you in your mind for all day long.

He said “Hi” to me!

4. You constantly deny it to yourself that you do not have a crush on them, but their single text is enough to leave you with butterflies in the tummy.

That’s just enough to make our day.


5. You look for the common interests you share. But you prefer keeping quiet and let them talk about it.

6. You practice your conversations and answers in advance with yourself, so that you do not end up fumbling up in front of them.

Well, you gotta be prepared! *wink*

7. When you finally admit to yourself that you have a crush on this man, you become super jealous of the girls who post on his timeline or talk with him. Like, don’t they have someone of their own?

Why is everyone is liking what I like? That’s not fair!


8. Whenever he is around, you act weird. You avoid conversation with him and if you do, you talk weird.

It’s like every nerve end is hyperactive.

9. You have stalked his profile so many times, that his name tops your search list and even your computer completes the name when you just type the first letter.

I can practically make a research paper out of things I know about him. I’m too good. 

10. You have imagined every possible scenario of how you will be together in your head.

Date. Party. Vacations. Beach. Every-damn-where.


11. You talk about them all day long which even piss your friends off.

Who cares about friends when it’s your crush.

12. You like the same thing as your crush likes. You can be a real digger when your crushes talk about something he likes.

 13. And when he calls you cute, you feel like you are the cutest person alive on this planet.


14. You smile all day long; you smile when he talks with you, when he is around and when you are alone. You smile for weird reasons and you cannot help it.

It’s just we smile all day.

15. The worst and weirdest feeling is the constant nervousness, that he might mistake your affection as desperation. It’s just that you really like him and you just cannot hide your emotions.

I can’t hide my emotions. It’s overflowing!

16. When he asks you out, you cannot hold your happiness and celebrate your victory with a happy dance.

Yay! FINALLY! We are going out! *Can’t stop smiling*


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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