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Pillow Talk? 7 Ways Start Chatting It Up!

By- Shreya Sharma

Most of us after sex prefer to sleep, but this is the best time for you and your partner to be really intimate. Sex is intimate but these pillow talks are from where the bond comes and makes the lasting relationship. You must start pillow talk to have a lasting relationship and deep friendship. Here are 7 ways to start chatting it up.

  1. A little bit of flirt

You had sex, so you can flirt a little bit. You can still flirt with each other. This will make you both feel special and it will keep your relationship new and fresh. Tell them how good they made you feel and help them understand what you like.


  1. Keep touching each other

Just because you had sex, does not mean you should stop touching each other. Run your fingers through their hair or explore their body. Touching can help you learn a lot about your partner and their body.

  1. Do some Romance

You have to be romantic with your partner during pillow talks. Talk about all the things you want in your relationship like going out for dinner and keep on giving little surprises.

  1. Show your vulnerable side

This is the best time to shed all your guards and walls and show your true real self to your partner.


  1. Talk about your day

Talk about your day; reveal little details about your job or something different that happened with you today at your job.

  1. Talk about things in detail

Do hold anything that you will love to tell your man about. Include all the necessary details while talking with your man.

  1. Talk about your future

Sex is the nest time to plan your future together. Plan your next vacation or wedding. Use the time to plan something together.


Source –  Tumblr

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