23 Things You’ll Understand If You Live With Your BFF!

By- Shreya Sharma

Isn’t moving and staying in the same apartment with your BFF everyone’s dream? Sure, we all have built castles in our mind of how life would be when we will live with our BFF. For some, their dream comes true, while for other their bubble got burst and we just wonder how things will be. Living with your best friend is more than you ever expected. For those who fulfilled their dream and for those who could not, here are 23 things you will understand if you live with your BFF.

  1. You start behaving like each other.

Your talking, acting, dressing, eating and every other behavior become quite identical.


  1. Bathroom door are open

You forget that bathroom doors even exist.

  1. Boring things become fun

Grocery shopping, chat sessions, movie sessions everything seems fun.

  1. Your clothing options widen

You know you can steal clothes from one another’s wardrobe.


  1. You can share anything except for food

You can do anything for your BFF, but if they eat your food- it is war.

  1. You know that your BFF too needs space

Of course, everybody needs to recharge.

  1. The thought of moving out is scary

You feel terrified and depressed when the time to depart comes.


  1. Sunday chore become a fun concert

How you sing and she plays guitar!

  1. Wear clothes is an option

You and your BFF have grown so close that wearing clothes in one another’s presence is just an option and not compulsion.

  1. No more of deep midnight conversations

You are there for each other 24/7, so you have whole time to have those deep conversations.


  1. Your BFF constantly reminds you to be healthy

Eat something healthy!

  1. Or you can even order all the junk food at 2 a.m.

Pizza, milkshake, cheese fries.

  1. You cannot wear a bad outfit

Because your BFF will tell you to change that outfit ASAP.


  1. They are your personal stylist when there is a big night ahead

Go, kill the world.

  1. Your periods are in sync

It is better to put a ‘beware’ board on your door at that time.

  1. Random surprises

Your roomie will surprise you with your favorite pizza. You do not need S.O. for that.


  1. You are not crazy alone

It is because they match your level of weird and crazy.

  1. You love them even when they are bad with cleaning

Okay, you cannot change them if they are the mess.

  1. They can get on your nerve like crazy

But you can bounce back to normal like immediately.


  1. Her sleepover with her man

Now, you have so many stories to know.

  1. When they are happy, you are happy

When they are sad, you are sad.

  1. You miss them way too much

You hate when they have to go home.

  1. You just love each other

Sometimes people doubt if you are more than friends.


Source –  Tumblr

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