7 Fashion Essential Every Girl Should Add In Her Wardrobe

As this fashion world is too face paced, we should keep ourselves abreast with latest trends and fads. We love getting the latest fashion in our wardrobe before our friends. 7 fashion essentials, you should add in your wardrobe.

  1. An over-sized flannel

This might require a trip to the men’s section or you can even explore your brother or boyfriend’s wardrobe but an oversized flannel gives effortlessly chic and comfortable look. Keep it unbuttoned with a fitted tee or tank underneath. You can wear it with shorts or hot pants too.

  1. Choker

The choker has officially made a comeback with a bang. It’s delicate, yet flirty, while being different and stylish. Go for a thicker black choker for more of an edgy look, or a very thin white one with sparkles for a girly look. You can even make some at home with a simple piece of ribbon or an old headband. Make girls go envy.

  1. A circle skirt

This style skirt is a great alternative to jeans or leggings, especially when wanting to feel a bit more feminine and does not want things to be tight and body hugging.” It’ll go with any top you want to pair it with. Try a tank when the weather’s warm, or a button-down on cooler days.

  1. Bralette

They will be your guide when you have a top with sexy back or if your top is backless. You can even wear them as a crop top as they are so stylish that you will wish to flaunt them for sure.

  1. Denim dress

Denim dresses are big hit this summer. A light denim jacket, a button-up denim dress, denim overalls and a denim shirt are must have in the summer wardrobe. You can add a cute pair of fashionable sneakers and a choker to highlight your look.

  1. Sneakers

Fashion sneakers are the rave this summer. These shoes have been essentials for every season, but this season they’re becoming even more popular. Girls are wearing sneakers with every attire they have, be it floral sundresses, denim dresses or a classic slouchy t-shirt and jeans. It is rocking any look this season.

  1. Off-shoulder tops

The off-the-shoulder look is back. Showing the shoulders is a sexy and flirty look that’s perfect for the summer. There’s lots of fun ways to plan this look. Off-the-shoulder rompers and sundresses too are making a mark this season.

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