#PizzaIsBae: 25 Signs You Are Addicted To Pizza!

By- Shreya Sharma

Pizza is bae and life to me and many others. You know how you just cannot resist the craving for pizza and how pizza turns your mood from bad to awesome. It could be because of the delicious surprise we get in the box, it could be because of cheese, it could be because of the toppings or it could be for any other reason, pizza is something no one can ignore. At least I cannot. It is a mood buster and most awesome thing you can have. Here are 25 signs you are addicted to pizza.

1. You would be the gold member if Dominos had the loyalty card.


2. Your dustbin looks like a trash can behind pizza joint.

3. You know exactly which topping is best from every pizza joint.

4. Your friends and family do not have to even ask you about your favorite food.

5. People know pizza is your life.


6. You find pizza commercials interesting.

7. You know all the deals and offers offered by various pizza outlets on various days.

8. For you, veggies pizza is as same as the salad.

9. You think opting white pizza makes you classy.

10. You have tried the burger, French fries and everything on pizza.


11. Email or messages for free pizza are your favorite kind of texts.

12. You want to be a part of food show so that you can try various pizza options.

13. You have considered starting you own Food Network Pizza Show.

14. You can tell where the pizza is from just from the taste.

15. You can argue about why pizza is the best breakfast.


16. You love pizza-themed clothes.

17. You cannot believe that there are people who do not love pizza.

18. Your relationships are based on pizza love.

19. Your Instagram posts have your pizza stories too.

20. You can eat pizza for every meal in your day.


21. You are a regular customer at a pizza joint.

22. You think eating pizza from an Italian restaurant makes you fancy.

23. When you travel, you make sure that there are pizza joints.

24. People need not ask you what to order for you.

25. You can eat a whole pizza by yourself.


Source –  Tumblr

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