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7 Things That Are Perfect For Pillow Talk And Bring You Closer!

By- Shreya Sharma

Pillow talks are intimate and bring you and your man closer. It can make your bond even more strong and romantic. But usually either people do not know what to talk about or just prefer to sleep. You have no clue what to talk about during that special time, so sleeping next to your partner is the only option you have. Here are 7 things that are perfect for pillow talk and bring you closer.

  1. Talk about your love story

Talk about how you met, your first feelings towards each other, what you were thinking at that time. Walk down your memory lane. It will make you feel more romantic.


  1. Talk about your dreams

We all have dreams about our life; some are simple while others are a bit complex. When it comes to dreams, there is no right or wrong. So, share your dreams and let your partner have a look into your heart.

  1. Things you are passionate about

It can be your passion for a cause that is close to your heart. Maybe you want to help sick children. Let your partner know about the things that mean the most to you and he will love you more.

  1. Talk about your bucket list

If you have few things in your mind that you want to do in your life, then share it with your partner. This way you will learn more about your partner and maybe there are things that you both want to do.


  1. Talk about fun things

Talk about the things you will like to do together. Make plans for future dates. Find out your common interest. People change with time so we should be open about talking about our interest.

  1. Talk about your feelings for one another

It is the perfect time to talk about how you feel for your partner. You are in your own world where it is just you and your man, so tell him how much he makes your heart melt.

  1. Talk about your future together

Ask your partner what he thinks when he thinks about a future with you. Tell him about the kind of future you will love to have with him.


Source –  Tumblr

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