9 Things girl who overthinks everytime can relate to

We girls are a strange species indeed. We can be as tough as hell but break down at the slightest pretexts, we can make the world go mad but then there will be days when we will remain locked up in our rooms. But that’s the unique thing about womanhood. Most of us have this tendency of overthinking over everything, and this article is a shout out to all those women!

  1. You are never happy with what you have. For you, the grass is always greener on the other side.


  1. You always wish you had tried harder, even after you have achieved your goals.


  1. Your expectations are always sky high because you have probably thought about a certain thing over and over again.


  1. But that also breaks your heart easily if those expectations are not fulfilled. *Sigh*


  1. You always regret your past decisions and put yourself in an unnecessary bad mood.


  1. You will always think what all you could have said in an argument. After the argument gets over.


  1. Even a 50% discount doesn’t make you happy. You will rather wait for a 80% discount sale.


  1. Making plans is like the toughest task for you. You will think and think and then think again about every cons of a plan.


  1. Relationships are not a very happy place for you. You have probably pissed off your boyfriend over a hundred times because of your overthinking.


Skadoosh guys!

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