Is Your Friend Using You? 7 Ways To Know For Sure!

By- Shreya Sharma

We all have once in our life meet a person who claims to be our friend but is actually there for a reason and that reason is to use us and have fun at our expenses. They could be some coworker or some acquaintance but their intentions have always made you wonder about your friendship and you look for the signs to know if they are using you. Here are the ways you can know for sure if your friend is using you.

  1. They only hang out with you when it is convenient for them

You are their last option or they invite you only when they need some driver or any sort of help. It is hard for you to track them down because they pick up your call only when they need something from you.


  1. They always need something

They take advantage of your kindness and generosity. They will call you for money, rides, meal and this is one never ending list. They always have some sort of drama and rely on you to get them out of it.

  1. They gossip about you

You might hear it from your friends that he/she was gossiping about you and when you confront them, they are ready with excuses like ‘oh I was just kidding’, ‘I am sorry I should not have talked about you behind your back’. If they gossip about other friends in front of you, they will sure gossip about you as well.

  1. They borrow your stuff and never gives it back

Friends borrow things, true, but she just cannot stay away from all the new designer stuff you bought. She will manage her way to get her hands on them and keep them.


  1. They are only interested in your friends

Sometimes it happens that we hit off immediately with someone but that does not mean to sideline you. The time they meet your friends and gel around well, they instantly cut off with you.

  1. They always have emergency

Emergencies happen and we should help the other person for sure but if you know there is something going on in their life and then they seek your help, they are just using you.

  1. They turn others against you

You will find them stealing your idea, friends and every other important thing from you. They will turn people against you just to get them in their favor or to take your idea and present it as theirs.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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