15 Things Guys Loves ALMOST More Than Sex!

By- Shreya Sharma

Ask a guy what his favorite thing is and you will get various answers other than sex. Though sex will be included in his answer but you will notice there are some more things that your man loves more than sex occasionally. If you are not in a mood to get frisky, give your man the remote or tune into a sports channel and he will be busy with it. He will love to watch sports or talk about his favorite TV show (if they have any). Here are 15 things guys love almost more than sex.

  1. Food

Every guy has a favorite food. He will always enjoy his favorite meal whatever it is. You can cook the same for him or order him his favorite food.


  1. Massage

We all love to have a long massage after a hectic and tiring day. For guys, massage is a kind of foreplay so it is obvious that they will love it. He can even take a nap afterward.

  1. Hearing ‘I love you’

Guys too have emotions even if they do not show it. When the guy loves you, he wants you to feel the same for him. If he loves you, hearing those three words will be priceless for him. Tell your man that you love him once in a while and it will be the melody to his ears.

  1. Cuddling after sex

Guys love to cuddle, you believe it or not. They will avoid it if they are just hooking up with someone. But if you are in a serious relationship, he will love to cuddle with you after sex or anytime.


  1. A peaceful state

We all love to stay in peace and tranquility for a while to relax ourselves and same is with guys. They too love to get some time of peace during their day. They just want some peaceful time.

  1. Going out with his friend

Being in a relationship does not mean that your guy should discard his friends. Guys too enjoy going out with his friends. They do not want you to do the drama and ask questions and feel jealous and insecure. Let him go out, have fun and come back home to you. You need to trust him.

  1. Waking up having you by his side

You might be scared for the first time you sleep with your guy because you know how messed up your hair turns in the morning and how your kajal makes you look like the panda and those morning breaths. But for your man, it is the most beautiful thing. He feels you are beautiful and proud that you are waking up next to him.


  1. Hearing about his hotness

Guys too love compliments but will never ask for one. Just the way compliments boost our confidence, the same it does to your man. Tell him how hot he is.

  1. Random gifts

We all like receiving gifts.  It needs not to be too expensive. You can pick him some snacks, plan a weekend getaway or just buy him a t-shirt that has his favorite band on it.

  1. Making you happy and laugh

Guys feel manlier when they can make you laugh. Plus, they think you are interested if you are laughing. Laugh at the things you think are funny and he will appreciate it.


  1. Doing nothing at all

It feels great to spend your day with no responsibilities and just relaxing in bed. Guys too love to have days when they do not have to do anything.

  1. Not to make decisions

Guys are usually considered the ones who have to make decisions. They feel pressured to make the right choice. Take the lead and plan your date on your own. He will love it.

  1. Playing with gadgets

They love to play with his video games, cars, mobile phones and other gadgets. They might look like a grown up men, but they still have the kid in them who loves to play with toys. Play with him and he will be happy.


  1. Being taken out on date

Guys too like to be wined and dined. They love it when a woman takes them out on a date. Take him on the date once in a while.

  1. When asked about his day

It is simple but we often neglect it, assuming that the guy will us if something interesting happened. Make time to ask how his day went. It’ll mean a lot and give him a chance to talk.


Source –  Tumblr

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