Still Single? Stop Doing These 10 Things!

By- Shreya Sharma

Being single is not a bad thing or a curse, it can be your choice and sometimes it can be because of a few reasons that you need to stop doing. When in the relationship, we make mistakes and learn a lot of things from them. And when we are single, we barely know the mistakes we are doing that may lead to our break up or be single forever. Here are 10 things you need to stop doing if you are still single.

  1. Stop being clingy or over excited

Great you have found a guy of your dreams and you are too happy, but do not show it off. Calm down and do not act like a crazy woman whenever you see him.


  1. Do not suffocate your man with your problems

Guys do not immediately think of all the baggage you carry when they look for a girlfriend. A girl’s sexiness, how she talks and what they share in common is what makes a guy feel attracted towards that girl. In the initial stage, they want to have fun, go on dates and flirt and not to be bombarded with your problems related to your family, friends, and work. Take some time, before you open up to him about all this.

  1. Do not act like a grandmother

Do not be negative with your thoughts or worried about your future. Be carefree and young. Do not make the big fuss over small issues like if he did not call. You are in a relationship to be happy and not scared about future.

  1. Keep things off the social media

When you start dating, control your urges to share it on social media and let the world know. Do not start posting on his wall, or tagging him in every picture or song or post, or putting selfies with him. Just do not to this. It makes you look desperate.


  1. Say no to nagging

Control your tendency to nag all time. You are not his mother and you better not try to be one. Stop nagging about the toilet seat, the food spilled on the table, about phone calls etc. Let him breathe and want to spend time with you and not run away from you.

  1. Do not play victim card

Men feel themselves to be heroes when they can help women. But make sure you know the difference between being a girly girl and being a superwoman.

  1. Stop arguing with him

Thinking that holding grudges and being mad at your man, will make them chase you; it is so not true. If he annoyed you, there is no reason to ignore him or stop talking with him.


  1. Let him live his life

We all wish to spend time alone or with our friends and family. This way we will have time to miss each other. Do not get angry if he has plans to go for a game with his guys or plans to spend time with his family. Let him live and do not have a check on him all the time. He will be more than happy to have you then.

  1. Do not just lay there

Sex is an important part of every relationship. He wants you in the bed as well. Do not be shy and show him what you like and what pleases you. Relax and have fun in the bedroom.

  1. Stop being jealous

Having friends is the normal part of life. Sure, we hate when our man has female friends, but remember, you need not be jealous if you do not see anything suspicious in their behavior. Trust your instinct before you put the blame on.


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