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10 Naughty Bedroom Games To Play With Your Boyfriend… TONIGHT!

By- Shreya Sharma

Having a routine bedroom activity can be boring. There could be times when you both are together and wonder what to do without getting out of the house and still have fun. Love and romance are not enough to keep the excitement alive in your relationship. You can play games that can get you both into the mood and may end up having some great sexy time. Here are 10 sexy games to play with your boyfriend in bedroom.

  1. Cross-dressing

Encroach one another’s closet and start wearing each other’s clothes including the underwear. Now decide to make out wearing each other’s clothes and you will have a lot of fun.


  1. Webcam chat

Sit with your boyfriend in front of the computer and log on to any webcam chatting sites. If you do not feel comfortable having sex in front of the webcam, there is no compulsion. Indulge in a little foreplay while having other couples or single watch you on cam. This is exciting and sexual fun. Just avoid showing your face to protect your identity while getting naked.  

  1. Role playing

Dress up as a character and try to convince each other to have sex. One can become a doctor while another one can play the nurse. Just choose the character and have fun enacting them and indulging in sex.

  1. Play drunk

If you like drunk sex, this is the game for you. Pretend like a drunk, and tell your partner to imagine if he walked into you and this way you can work on your fantasy. Pretend like strangers and ask him to do anything that he would like to do. Either has your eyes closed the whole time, or resist him mildly.


  1. Strip poker and dice

Add some truths and dare in your strip poker game to make it more fun and exciting. Or you can even incorporate a dice into the game. If you do not have dice, you can make sex notes and write a few dirty things to do, and take turns to enact the things written on the paper.

  1. Sexy 20 question

Cuddle up next to each other in bed and cover yourself completely so there is dark under the blanket. Kiss each other and start making out and take turns to ask each other sexy intimate questions about fetishes, crushes and favorite time and position. When you are horny and in dark, you feel easy to confess your dirty secrets. It will bring you both closer.

  1. Massage or body paint

Give your man a sexy massage that can bring his fantasies into life. Apply a bit of massage oil on him and move your hands all over him. Or you can just take off your clothes and give your man a few edible body paints and ask him to use your body as a canvas. It will be fun and then you can indulge in shower sex.


  1. Sex toys

Dress your man as a sex toy. He may protest at first, but this can be really fun. Dress him like a sex toy and then have sex with him.

  1. Spell out words on body

This can be hilarious and sexy game. Get him to lie down naked on his stomach. Spell out words on his back and ask him to recognize it. As he gets better at recognizing it, scribble faster so it becomes tougher for him.

  1. Read out an erotic book

Pick your favorite erotic novel and read out to each other taking turns to play the lead characters. And enact every erotic passage which involves touching and fondling body parts on your partner’s body.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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