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11 Make-Up Text To Send To Your Bae After Fight!

By- Ekta Jain

You all might agree there is no couple who have never fought. Sometimes a fight makes the relationship stronger and worse too.  Fighting over silly things can make our relationship weaker, let your ego stay aside, apologize him and solve out the fights and arguments.  If you are the one who is committed and ready to spend the entire life with him, saying sorry at first will not matter you, instead, you will take the step to make up the fight.

If you had the fight with him, he is not picking your calls, instead, show your love and efforts by sending him cute messages in form of sorry.

  1. You are the best thing ever happened to me. I am Sorry!!! XoXo


  1. You know how I am, I get angry but I still love you with all my heart <3
  1. I fight with you because you look too cute when you’re in the angry mood.


  1. Tujhse ladai nahi karungi toh kis se karungi !! “Emotional Blackmail” 😉
  1. Since you don’t want to meet me, so I’m sending you virtual hugs and kisses.


  1. You’re my angry bird. I am sorry. Love you my angry bird.
  1. Send him a song sung by you. “His favorite one”


  1. You promised me you can do anything for me even you can die for me, all I need is to forgive me and grant me a chance for the mistake I have committed as I want to live with you. I am sorry.
  1. There is no relationship without quarrels and arguments. Fights make it worth and so does you.


  1. Can you hear my heart whispering “I am Sorry”
  1. As you know I am crazy and mad at times while doing stupid things. Forgive this little girl who loves you insanely.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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